Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blog for Jordan Day, 2011

Bloggers in Jordan decided to make March 12th “Blog for Jordan Day” every year. And while other bloggers are getting creative in blogging about Jordan, I’m gonna blog about something I only discovered last year in Jordan, its bloggers!

My blog turned one year old last January, and during this past year I have had the pleasure to get to know many amazing bloggers and tweeps, and actually meet some of them as well.

The first blog I ever came across was Hareega’s, and I think that had it not been this good, I wouldn’t have been interested to read any other blogs at all, I think I’ve read every single post there, Hareega’s sense of humor is my cup of tea and it kept me glued until the last post.

And what’s the Jordanian blogosphere without Roba’s And Far Away? Fun, versatile and professional, you can’t not read her blog.

Then I found Whisper’s “Things I Like to Whisper About”, a sweet Ammani girl blogging about her ever-so-eventful daily life, and while I’m not interested in knowing a random person’s daily activities most of the time, this time I found myself following her, always optimistic no matter what, you cannot but love this girl. (Although she’s not as talkative in real life, but maybe that’s because I’ve only met her once).

Ola’s Cinnamon Zone is one of my favorites. I think it’s because we have so many things in common when it comes to things that tick us off! (Not the creativity, unfortunately) Ola’s funny, warm, wise and she adores horses! Her LAYLA series will keep you checking the feed for sure, if any TV producer’s reading this, get this girl her own TV show!

You cannot mention Ola without remembering Serene, because Serene is a figment of Ola’s imagination ;) no seriously, Serene may be hibernating as a blogger, but she’s funny, fun and funny! You gotta love her.

And speaking of love, you know when you instantly click with a person without even getting to know them that well? Ayah’s environment-friendly tweets will do that to you!

It looks like I’m mostly mentioning girls so far, but that’s okay because most of my complaint-posts are about girls so let’s balance things out here.

There’s also Mayyasi, with her amazing style in writing that makes you feel you’re reading a book, especially in her Beirut posts, there’s Waed, and her ongoing list of addictions that make her so passionate and therefore so easy to like, there’s Jano that makes you remember why you love Jordan every morning, there’s the awesome Majd who will make you change your mind about the lameness of her generation, and the list of amazing Jordanian female bloggers goes on and on.

Then we have the blogger (and tweep) that makes me giggle at work every single time he posts something, which causes some really embarrassing moments but whatever: mab3oos “is pissed, because you suck and don’t know it” (and also because most Jordanians can’t access his blog thanks to a certain ISP, yes Orange, you suck and don’t know it).

We have Jaraad, whose posts (and the comments there) will always keep your mind busy, we have the eccentric 5hadz, who’s so good on the inside that he tries to make up for it on the outside (but fails, unless you’re stupid enough to buy it ;))

And last but not least, The Hamdanism, controversial, deep but at the same time so easy to relate to.

Because I can go on forever (well not really forever, maybe just till tomorrow) I’m going to stop here, hoping I didn't forget anyone from my "top people" list. To everyone I’ve mentioned or missed, Jordan, and the Jordanian Twitter/blogosphere is a great place because of you.