Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Facebook Post.

facebook office entrance

If I worked for Facebook:

1. I’d limit the number of friends a person can have. Not one person has a thousand friends, or a thousand relatives. Unless of course he proves that he is Adam, or she proves that she is Eve, then we can talk things over.

2. I’d limit the number of those psychic applications to zero, okay maybe I’ll leave one because then half of Facebook users will quit.

3. I’d make the person who wants to tag another in a photo get the approval of the latter first, that way no one would have to go through the hassle of finding 53 notifications from people who “commented on a photo of him” with comments that say “thnxxx 4 za tag xoxoxo”.

4. I’d cancel that whole “5 notifications of comments after yours” and only notify if it’s a reply, and speaking of which,

5. I’d make commenting like a thread; you can reply to the person you want without bugging the others who were only stopping by to say “congratulations”.

6. I wouldn’t let anyone change their status over 3 times a day, seriously, if you have so much going on in your life then maybe you shouldn’t be on Facebook.

7. I’d bring back the option of commenting on news about someone becoming a fan of a page or a group, Facebook was more fun for me when I could make fun of people.

8. I’d only show Farmville posts on news feeds of people who play Farmville, this also applies to Treasure Isle and the likes.

9. I’d enable emoticons in posts and comments, how come the heart is allowed but the smiling face isn’t?

10. I wouldn’t allow fan pages with a name that exceeds 4 words, people are becoming fans of conversations now!

11. I wouldn’t allow posting YouTube videos of Tamer Husni or Haifa Wehbe, I mean come on we already see those everywhere.

12. Just like the “Like” button, I’d make other ones like “congratulations you deserve the best”, “happy birthday, enjoy it to the max” (I hate that one by the way), “awww your baby is adooorable” and “nice pic, u look great”. Oh and of course the “Dislike” and “Love” buttons, sometimes I just like things a lot :) and some statuses such as “I’m so sick I need the day off” can make it hard to like the day off without liking the sick part for example.

So those are my suggestions so far, do you have any?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Childhood in a Picture

My entire childhood days can be summed up in this picture I got this morning. Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Twitter Has Been Down Since the Beginning of the World Cup.

If you’re on Twitter then you’ve probably been seeing more of the Fail Whale than your family lately, I think it’s World Cup-related, why? Let me tell you:

1. On the opening day there were too many tweets from excited football fans all over the world. Twitter failed.

2. During the opening match Al-Jazeera Sport viewers suffered from the very poor signal of the channel because someone (God knows who) tried to sabotage their authorized transmission of the FIFA World Cup and there were too many tweets from people either complaining or predicting who did it, everyone had his/her own theory. Twitter failed.

3. The second match was France vs. Uruguay. The French have really, really long words with unnecessary extra letters, this called for more tweets since the characters are limited to 140, too many French tweets. Twitter failed.

4. Next match: South Korea vs. Greece. I’ll list the names of the Greek team from
Konstantinos CHALKIAS
Vangelis MORAS
Alexandros TZIOLIS
Georgios SAMARAS
Alexandros TZORVAS
Theofanis GEKAS
Sotiris NINIS
Konstantinos KATSOURANIS
Athanasios PRITTAS

Now such names call for longer tweets, again, too many Greek tweets. Twitter failed.

5. Argentina vs. Nigeria: Well just consider the populations of both countries plus Argentina fans all over the world plus Messi fans that know nothing about football but are supporting Argentina because he's with them. Too many Tango tweets. Twitter failed.

6. Next: England vs. USA, 1-1, the American goal was clearly the English goalkeeper’s (or the ball’s) fault, English supporters were very unhappy blaming their goalkeeper for costing them 2 points, and you know when English people are angry they’re really angry. Too many angry English tweets. Twitter failed.

7. Algeria vs. Slovenia: Algeria, the only Arab team to qualify to the World Cup after a vicious battle against Egypt for the last African spot in WC, lost 1-0 to Slovenia, now Algerians were “shocked” and all the Egyptian supporters were talking about what Egypt could’ve done had it qualified instead. Too many Egyptian what-ifs. Twitter failed.

8. Serbia 0-1 Ghana: Twitter was fine at the time of this match.

9. Germany 4-0 Australia, too many tweets because there were many goals, the match with the highest number of goals so far. Too many happy Germans (and German football fans) tweeting times four goals. Twitter failed.

10. Netherlands 2-0 Denmark: angry Danes because of Daniel Agger's own goal, long Dutch tweets because of, well, long Dutch words, (according to Google Translate, the words “Dutch football” translate to “Nederlandse voetbal” in Dutch, also, with names like Giovanni Van Bronckhorst and Maarten Stekelenburg in the Dutch team, you need longer tweets. Twitter failed.

11. Japan 1-0 Cameroon: everyone was talking about how the Japanese player who scored the goal is called Keisuke Honda and making jokes about cars :) too many Honda jokes. Twitter failed.

12. Italy 1-1 Paraguay: well Italians talk too much and too fast so they probably tweet like that too, also, too many happy Italy-haters out there. Twitter failed.

13. New Zealand 1-1 Slovakia: well Twitter was also fine, although I guess some people tweeted when New Zealand’s Winston Reid scored during the additional time, but not too many.

14. Côte d'Ivoire 0-0 Portugal: upon seeing Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, and what with the lack of goals, people started discussing their favorite shampoo brands and some actually defended Ronaldo’s choice: Johnson&Johnson's No More Tears. The heated argument caused the overload. Twitter failed.

15. Brazil 2-1 Korea DPR: all those Brazil fans were tweeting their disappointment with the Brazilian team’s performance against a team that qualified for the World Cup twice since the beginning of the tournament in 1930. Too many Brazil supporters, too many Brazil haters making fun of sad fans. Twitter failed.

16. On top of that, tweets about how annoying (or awesome) the Vuvuzela is, people asking FIFA to ban it because it’s too loud, others saying it’s cool and they like it and other Vuvuzela-related tweets. Too many loud tweets. Twitter failed.

And that's just the beginning, we haven't even seen the big matches yet, I hope the Fail Whale survives this month.

Note: no offense intended to any of the nationalities I mentioned, this is just for fun and all the teams and their countries are good people :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


How deep are we supposed to be anyway?

Isn’t shallowness a relative thing? For some people talking about beauty and looks is considered shallow, for others it might be their career or how they earn a living. Talking about sports is not so different either: for some people it’s annoying, for others it’s a passion, for some it’s a waste of time, for others, again, it’s how they earn their living.

So who decides what’s shallow? Are the things we’re interested in deep but the rest shallow? Or is being uninterested in what’s going on around us shallow?

Is not looking beyond the exterior shallow? Or is a person supposed to give a good first impression even when it comes to looks? Is it superficial to consider the way someone is dressed for a certain occasion? Doesn’t it show what that occasion means to them? Or are looks very overrated?

This started circulating in my head after the recent events in Gaza, lots of people showed absolutely no interest in what’s going on and instead went ahead talking about things like beauty pageants and singing contests, first I was thinking wow these people are shallow, but then I thought maybe they just have different interests, you don’t have to know everything about politics to be deep, it’s always good to have an idea about what’s going on the world but maybe after all if you don’t care, your knowledge would not make a difference would it?

I still can’t find a real way of measuring shallowness, I guess it can’t be measured; every person has his/her own world, their own life and they only get to live it once, so they might as well spend their time caring about the things they choose.

What do you think?

Monday, June 7, 2010

I Love...

Lovely Joyce has tagged me in this writing exercise, you're supposed to write about ten things that you love and then tag 10 people, and you know how 10 is never enough for me (seriously do I talk too much?) so I wrote more. Joyce wrote it in a little poem since she's so good at that and I thought a list would be dull so I wrote my own, ahem, poem… okay, rhyme. Well it's my first time so cut me some slack, I also added my own touch to it, a theme if you will, you'll figure it out as you read. Oh and consider yourself tagged if you like it :)

I love the scent of a fresh lemon cut in half
I love it when my best friends make me laugh

I love the smell of my shampoo, lotion and perfume combined
I love letting go of things, and leaving problems behind

I love the smell of grandma's home in Irbed
I love it when I'm over and she makes me sleep in her bed

I love the scent of a cake coming out of the oven
I love being twenty-five, more than I loved being seven

I love the fresh air in a smoke-free room
I love seeing a bride, holding hands with her groom

I love the smell of mom's cooking coming out of the kitchen
I also love eating it, when being so hungry has left me bitchin'

I love the scent of jasmines in the air of a summer night
I loved seeing a smile, of a little boy at the traffic light

I love the smell of mint, you can find it everywhere
But it gets fresher each time you smell it, I'm never sick of it, I swear

And I'm not forgetting cinnamon, add it to your tea or your sweets
Better yet bake it into cinnamon rolls, this is one of my favorite treats

Now go try to make your own rhyme
Whether you like mints, or even if you like thyme

Tell us about the things that you love
An olive tree, your home, or maybe a dove

And if you can't write it in a poem, try to make a list
But if you copy my post, I'll smash your face with my fist :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Freedom Was Sailing... Freedom Was Drowned...

It is when no words could possibly do what's happening justice, that I choose to stay silent.