Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ugly Duckling Goes Shopping

This is why sales people should be guys not girls.
Let me show you the difference as I imagine it,

Duckling walks into a makeup shop (because makeup makes the ugly duckling look ok :P)

- Angry girl in store, we’ll call her za3laneh, to herself: Oh no, here comes another one, I own all this makeup and she’s coming to take some of it without paying me a gersh.

- Duckling: Hello :)

- Za3laneh: … *rolls eyes*

- Duckling: I need to see the DucklingMakeupThingie in pink please?

- Za3laneh: … *Hands it to Duckling, rolls eyes*

- Duckling (with a cheerful tone): No I need the lighter pink please?

- Za3laneh (to herself): great, she wants the lighter shade, she knows that one is mine and I don’t want to give it to her but NO, she has to take it.

- Za3laneh: … *Hands one to Duckling*

- Duckling: That’s darker, I wanted lighter!

- Za3laneh: We don’t have lighter. (rolls eyes, thinks to self: why the hell would you want a lighter shade you look so ugly and you would look even uglier.)

- Duckling: okay thanks.

- Za3laneh:

Duckling leaves the store, she spent $0 and angry girl in store is still angry.

Now Duckling walks into another store, also makeup to make it easier to compare,

- Happy guy in store, we’ll call him Sa3eed, to himself: New customer! I have to sell her as much products as I can!

- Duckling: hello :)

- Sa3eed: hello, how can I help you?

- Duckling: I need to see the DucklingMakeupThingie in pink please?

- Sa3eed: of course, we have this shade, this shade and this shade.

- Duckling: hmmm… *examines*

- Sa3eed: of course this one would suit you best in my opinion (please God let me be right) you can try it if you want to.

- Duckling: *tries* oh I like it.

- Sa3eed: if you want, you can take this shade too for evenings.

- Duckling: (what the hell does this have to…) oh okay!

- Sa3eed: you see this has protection and it won’t leave your beak chapped and dry.

- Duckling: Oh speaking of that I need beak balm!

- Sa3eed: do you want it transparent, translucent or colored? 

- Duckling: ooh let me see all of those.

- Sa3eed: this one is perfect for you; your skin seems to be… (Please God let her finish the sentence)

- Duckling: Dry! I have dry skin.

- Sa3eed: exactly what I was going to say, that’s why this one is the one for you.

- Duckling: *grabs it happily*

- Sa3eed: do you want me to show you our latest collection of feather trimmers?

- Duckling: ermm.

- Sa3eed: imported from Italy, no other store has it. (Rand: Oh you know you have a thing for Italian products too!)

- Duckling: okay!

… Etc.

Duckling leaves the store with $100 worth of makeup items she only needed one of, but she’s excited to try each and every one. She got robbed but she’s happy.

Happy guy in the store is happier, moves on to another innocent customer. And everyone is happy!

Ok, so why? Why this whole attitude with sales girls? Someone walks in, they say hello, have the decency to respond, or at least smile, this Jordanian kashra thing is getting too much, I mean you work in a store, you’re paid to do this, and customers are PAYING for what they take. Plus you most likely DO NOT own the store or anything in it for that matter.
In China they say “if you can’t smile, don’t open a store”. I think if we apply this 70% of stores in Amman will close!