Monday, November 1, 2010

10 Facts You Probably Did not Know About Jordanians

Let me tell you some non-scientific, untrue, totally made-up, I'm-just-kidding, facts about the Jordanian people, courtesy of the Department of Statistics in the imagination of yours truly.

  • 95% of Jordanians are Entrepreneurs; the other 5% are still learning how to pronounce that.

  • 99% of Jordanian Muslims know more about religion than you do, no matter who you are.

  • All Jordanians are environmentalists, they care so much about the environment inside their cars that they throw everything out the window to keep them clean.

  • All Jordanian girls are being chased by at least 5 guys at once, 75% of those girls are “tired and feel so pressured”, the other 25% “got used to it with time”.

  • 15% of Jordanian boys enjoy playing football, the other 85% don’t own a PlayStation.

  • All Jordanians care about cancer awareness, they just don’t like to talk about it. (seriously I heard that last week, they think if they talk about it they will “catch it”!)

  • 70% of Jordanians who have been involved in car accidents say it was the other driver’s fault, the other 30% were unconscious.

  • 99% of Jordanians will tell you what’s wrong with you just by looking at you, the other 1% are blind.

  • 1% of Jordanians are overweight, the other 99% just have “thick bones”.

  • And finally 100% of Jordanians are experts in one area or another, but of course you knew this, you’re an expert after all.
Welcome to the country of the people that knows it all!

* As usual, before I start getting lectures about how I should love it or leave it and whatnot, my love/hate relationship with my country is none of your business. Thank you :)