Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rise and... Shine?

I usually check my Twitter in the morning after I get to my office and “settle”, if you will. It’s funny how the general mood of my timeline changes from day to day, on Sunday (first workday of the week here in Jordan) it’s usually people longing for their beds, bees looking at a busy week trying to sort their stuff out, divided between “still sleeping”, “hoping for a good week” and “let’s get to business” attitudes.

Now Monday is a different story, personally I’m not a big fan of Mondays, hell I’m not even a small fan, the attitudes of Sunday change, people who had had a bad Sunday would be whining about how the weekend is so far away, people who worked really hard on Sunday also wishing for the weekend to come just a little bit closer so they can rest, Monday is the weekday with the least hope in it, week has just started and the day just won’t seem to end.

Tuesday, on the other hand is somewhat better, half of the week has passed, and tomorrow’s Wednesday, and you know what Wednesday is? It’s the day before Thursday! And long as it may seem, the smell of the weekend is present, a faint smell, true, but it’s there. And then comes Thursday and all of you know what the mood is like then.

Of course all of that applies to the general mood, but then there are different types of people with different morning behaviors, list? I think so!

1. The morning person: extremely happy in the morning, it’s like they were reborn and now they’re this little kid that wants to wake his mom up so she can play ball with him, very talkative men saba7eyyet Rabbna, and can be annoying when you’re not one of them, and/or when they start singing.

2. The gradually waking up person: this person is neither happy nor angry when they wake up, it takes them a while to become fully awake, silent in the first minutes, then they start blooming more and more, until everything is okay and they’re ready to face the day.

3. The coffee person: don’t you dare and talk to them before they’ve had their coffee, I think everyone knows at least one person of this type. Coffee is the only alarm clock they respond to.

4. The grumpy person (otherwise known as abu/umm booz): very angry, if you’re about to wake one up then make sure no sharp objects are in sight. Try to joke and you’re dead (executed by the death stare), and you better not be hogging the bathroom all to yourself when they wake up, some grumpy people can be coffee people, those are easier than the rest, but it’s safer to keep your distance.

5. The late person: (usually a girl) she has either slept-in or is so clumsy in the morning that it takes her longer to get ready than in the afternoon, she arrives to work, parks the car in the middle of the street, rushes inside, records presence, goes back to park the car like a decent driver, then runs to the office, she sits, tries to catch her breath, wears some makeup, fixes her hair and then her morning begins like normal people.

Let’s see, did I miss anyone?