Friday, February 18, 2011

Meanwhile on Facebook,

While revolutions were (are) being planned on Facebook, the rest of the citizens in Facebook society were busy, errmm, “supporting” the revolutions, or at least standing with their Egyptian* brothers and sisters in a way or another, here’s how:

1. The profile picture change: of course, the first sign on support citizens of Facebook tend to show, and believe me it means a lot coming from someone who feeds on compliments on their display pictures so don’t take it lightly!

2. The songs: Giving up the daily secret song dedication that no one is supposed to know whom it’s intended for, just to post a dedication to Egypt or the revolution is, again, not to be taken lightly.

3. The Qathafi Posts: the dude never ceases to be a source of amusement whenever something big is happening in the Arab world, just sit back, enjoy and wonder if he’s next.

4. The groupies: yes! Believe it or not, they’re here too:

5. The obsession with #TheGuyBehindOmarSuleiman: and I’m probably the most severe case! I featured him in my profile picture, posted his song… etc. some people did the opposite and were attacking people who passed the jokes (which had nothing of offensive nature by the way).

6. Even the photo-tagging group was showing support:

7. And in the midst of all this:

* Because of the bigger portion of media coverage given to Egypt. Tunisia came as a surprise to my news feed.

Disclaimer: posts and comments are semi-made up, Wael Ghonim didn’t really post that, and I got most of that stuff off my own profile so no offense intended :)