Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Facebook Post.

facebook office entrance

If I worked for Facebook:

1. I’d limit the number of friends a person can have. Not one person has a thousand friends, or a thousand relatives. Unless of course he proves that he is Adam, or she proves that she is Eve, then we can talk things over.

2. I’d limit the number of those psychic applications to zero, okay maybe I’ll leave one because then half of Facebook users will quit.

3. I’d make the person who wants to tag another in a photo get the approval of the latter first, that way no one would have to go through the hassle of finding 53 notifications from people who “commented on a photo of him” with comments that say “thnxxx 4 za tag xoxoxo”.

4. I’d cancel that whole “5 notifications of comments after yours” and only notify if it’s a reply, and speaking of which,

5. I’d make commenting like a thread; you can reply to the person you want without bugging the others who were only stopping by to say “congratulations”.

6. I wouldn’t let anyone change their status over 3 times a day, seriously, if you have so much going on in your life then maybe you shouldn’t be on Facebook.

7. I’d bring back the option of commenting on news about someone becoming a fan of a page or a group, Facebook was more fun for me when I could make fun of people.

8. I’d only show Farmville posts on news feeds of people who play Farmville, this also applies to Treasure Isle and the likes.

9. I’d enable emoticons in posts and comments, how come the heart is allowed but the smiling face isn’t?

10. I wouldn’t allow fan pages with a name that exceeds 4 words, people are becoming fans of conversations now!

11. I wouldn’t allow posting YouTube videos of Tamer Husni or Haifa Wehbe, I mean come on we already see those everywhere.

12. Just like the “Like” button, I’d make other ones like “congratulations you deserve the best”, “happy birthday, enjoy it to the max” (I hate that one by the way), “awww your baby is adooorable” and “nice pic, u look great”. Oh and of course the “Dislike” and “Love” buttons, sometimes I just like things a lot :) and some statuses such as “I’m so sick I need the day off” can make it hard to like the day off without liking the sick part for example.

So those are my suggestions so far, do you have any?


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Sorry for not having suggestions but thanks for making me realise my decision to leave FB was a rational one ;) :D.

#7 shows naughtiness , lol.


Osama Romoh said...

I would add a "block" button as well as "Remove" button in Facebook chat.

jaraad said...

I really hope someone from Facebook reads your post. They all are a must do. Now, I think twice before commenting on a picture or someone's status because of the many notification emails I receive after that. The most stupid thing is when someone decides to ask you a private question and write it on your wall instead of sending you an email.
By the way, I am a comeback to the facebook. I decided to cancel my first account because I used to receive many emails to join groups or participate on those stupid quizzes, etc. I am happy with my new facebook account because I friend people who are above 30 years old only. Hence, excluding 2/3 of my cousins. No offense 20-something people :)

YJawhar said...

6. I wouldn’t let anyone change their status over 3 times a day, seriously, if you have so much going on in your life then maybe you shouldn’t be on Facebook

Now that's just plain WRONG! I mean you're a tweet or a twitter or a twitterer, I don't know what the word twitteraholics use, but you shouldn't do that. :S

Anonymous said...

#6, true, so true.

#7, oh yeah, that was my favorite pastime, making fun of what people "like".

My biggest suggestion is pop open a notifications page with all your new notifications attached to the proper posting. i go nutso opening up a million new tabs.

And I like faces on facebook. Demand that users post a picture of their face, or their kid's face, or a cartoon character. no silhouettes allowed. no pictures of someone standing off in the distance in a field.

Oh yeah, and rename profile pic. I mean, have you EVER seen someone with a profile for their profile picture? Let's call it passport photo instead.

Anonymous said...

I've kinda solved most of the problems there.

1- Those people enjoy the divine punishment of pointless feeds from people they don't care about, and the gazillion notifications. Doesn't effect me, don't care :D

2- Hide app, and imagine it's not there.

3- Delete tag ASAP!

4,5- too complex for the average FB user "AKA: your mom"

6- I'm with YJawhar on this. If you think the updates are pointless, just unfollow... um I mean hide

7- Trust me, we are in no ways short of making fun of people on facebook, even without the fan feed :P

8- See "2"

9- Word

10- Can't see, don't care

11- Why haven't you hidden these people already!

12- just what we need, more notifications

The point is, any website can be good or bad depending on how you use it. Take a little time to customize your facebook, and it'll turn into your best friend.

Love the post :D

Anonymous said...

slight problem here Rand, it wouldn't give facebookers the opportunity to be shallow.

Whisper said...

As usual very nice and sooooo true

I specially hate the tag pictures thing, specially when they upload a real picture for me, I never ever upload a picture for me on the net how dare they do that without any permission!!

They should add the "Dislike", many times I wish if it's there, I once tried to press like then dislike but it didn't work :(

Hussam said...

Nice post.
I couldn't agree with #5 more. Actually I often hesitate to comment on certain pictures/status updates because i am afraid of a ton of emails coming to me afterwards.

Anyway, I think you can fix most of the rest through settings

Rand said...

Haitham, if people who have me as a Facebook friend know how I like to make fun of those :P

Osama, good point, I never use Facebook chat, but I'd add the "appear offline" option to that as well.

Jaraad, if you're happy that you got rid of 20-something people then you obviously have never had an under-20 friend, those teenagers should get a social network of their own :(

YJawhar, that's just my opinion, if you ever got a job at Facebook feel free to not do it :) also, Twitter is very different than Facebook that way, again, my opinion only :)

Joyce, why I love the standing in the field photos! Sometimes a tree or some view is a lot more easy on the eye than a duckface for example :P you can refer to my Facebook photo album guide :)

Seleucid, great you just cost me a job at Facebook! Now these people will think twice before they hire me, thanks a lot dude :(

Frank, don't worry, a new social network will be invented: "ShallowBook" or whatever :)

Whisper, shayfeh? That's why I'm gonna make them ask for your permission :)

Hussam, you're not alone in this, the notifications get really annoying. Thanks for coming :)

Anonymous said...

I'd change it's name to facesh*t! and maybe I'd ban those people that leave comments like "thanks for the tag" or "i love you" and all this crap from commenting for some days if reported. I'm just saying. I really am addicted to facebook, for no obvious reasons! :( I guess I just have no life!

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