Monday, June 7, 2010

I Love...

Lovely Joyce has tagged me in this writing exercise, you're supposed to write about ten things that you love and then tag 10 people, and you know how 10 is never enough for me (seriously do I talk too much?) so I wrote more. Joyce wrote it in a little poem since she's so good at that and I thought a list would be dull so I wrote my own, ahem, poem… okay, rhyme. Well it's my first time so cut me some slack, I also added my own touch to it, a theme if you will, you'll figure it out as you read. Oh and consider yourself tagged if you like it :)

I love the scent of a fresh lemon cut in half
I love it when my best friends make me laugh

I love the smell of my shampoo, lotion and perfume combined
I love letting go of things, and leaving problems behind

I love the smell of grandma's home in Irbed
I love it when I'm over and she makes me sleep in her bed

I love the scent of a cake coming out of the oven
I love being twenty-five, more than I loved being seven

I love the fresh air in a smoke-free room
I love seeing a bride, holding hands with her groom

I love the smell of mom's cooking coming out of the kitchen
I also love eating it, when being so hungry has left me bitchin'

I love the scent of jasmines in the air of a summer night
I loved seeing a smile, of a little boy at the traffic light

I love the smell of mint, you can find it everywhere
But it gets fresher each time you smell it, I'm never sick of it, I swear

And I'm not forgetting cinnamon, add it to your tea or your sweets
Better yet bake it into cinnamon rolls, this is one of my favorite treats

Now go try to make your own rhyme
Whether you like mints, or even if you like thyme

Tell us about the things that you love
An olive tree, your home, or maybe a dove

And if you can't write it in a poem, try to make a list
But if you copy my post, I'll smash your face with my fist :)


5hadz said...

Hahaha! Awesome attempt :D! I hate when grandma makes me sleep in her bed, she snores and farts all the time :P.

Anonymous said...

yahoo! i have inspired great poetry!
Rand, that was completely amazing, and i think you should write at least one poem a week, because your rhymes are so amusing!

and double rhymes too! Irbid, her bed. That is pretty advanced stuff right there!

next thing you know the ugly duckling will be doing rap.


Anonymous said...

Let me declare that I love life
especially together with my wife.

I love my work, it's my vocation
and it feels like one long vacation.

Who cannot love a well cooked meal
together with a drop of wine?
Especially if you know the vine.
What unpleasant things this can heal!

I love to travel
even if stupid governments
make it a hassel
with their silly enforcements.

I love people.
Those who have imagination
attract my fascination.
Their stories are important
even if they are dormant.

When I see complexity
I love to find the simplicity.
But do not strive for perfection,
instead, focus on one small section.

I love my age!
Can I become a sage?
I love looking for wisdom
for all else must be like prison.

I love humility
Material wealth is silly
For you can never be free
Blinded, you cannot see
the beauty of love
which comes from within and above
Life is all around,
Love is sound,
Perfection is round.

Tamer said...

I love the sports, especially my bike
and when the weather is perfect, i go for a hike

I love the weekends, can't wait till they come
plenty of outings plenty of fun

I love this post, cheers me up (no rhyme here)

Roba said...

Lol, that's very funny. Good job on this! :)

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO... hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I bowed and applauded

enas said...

a7laaaaaa ranoosh walah mwahbek mettawraaa yalla bedna qaseedeh 3n abu 3alii :)
3njad abda3tii go ahead

Whisper said...

Very nice Rand I like it :)
I may try it....maybe after few months :$
I don't have writing poems talent :(

Anonymous said...

I like!! very nice!! a7la ishi Irbid - her bed (I had to read it herbid lol)

Sarah K said...

That's really lovely Rand. Enjoying reading your blog as usual :) x

Rand said...

Thank you all :)

Frank and Tamer that was lovely!

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