Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Phone Behavior

You know when you send someone a text message and you’re expecting they reply but they never do? Okay how about when you send them a text and you’re not waiting a reply but they do?

I’m classifying people again (sue me), this time, according to their phone-related behavior :)

1. People who pick up their phone at all times, no matter what: you can count on them to pick up whenever you call, day, night, work, home, out, anywhere! It’s like they have their phone attached to their hands, maybe their finger is fixed to the answer button. I actually like this type, you feel like they’re there for you.

Note: if you’re one of the unlucky people, you might find yourself in an emergency situation, calling them but they’re not answering, they answer all calls but no, not this one. Yeah I’m sorry about your life.


2. People who never pick up the phone: it gets to the point that you dial the number and throw the phone on the table because you’re hopeless. These can be a true source of frustration sometimes.

Another note to the unlucky people: let’s say you’re broke, and you have no credit in your phone, and you want to call them and hang up so they call you back (maybe next week), don’t do that, they’ll pick up.


3. The no voice, only text people: they have a thing against voice calls, they would be dying and in desperate need of help so they text 911, I can’t understand this type, lack of self-confidence maybe? Or just plain stingy? The only ones worse are those who use the Facebook wall or comments! I once got invited to a wedding via text message, and another via Facebook messages. I know the weirdest people.

Note: to piss these people off, just ignore a text, and the next, and the call back request. They’ll call eventually.

4. The “phone is for phone calls” people: these never answer texts, they never take them seriously, the number one enemy of type 3 above. I actually know a type 3 and a type 4 who stopped talking to each other.

Note: if you want to get away with forgetting to tell them something important, just say you sent it in a message, they’ll never know.

5. The repliers: you send a text, they reply, you reply something like “okay well talk to you later”, they reply, you send something like “hehe yeah ok. This was nice, later!”, they reply! Next thing you’re falling asleep on the phone just because they’re replying and replying, and you never even asked them anything, text messages and instant messenger are interchangeable to them. 

Note: if you think that stopping on your side will make them stop too, think again, if you don’t reply, they resend the text or send another one. Good luck.

Do you know any other types?