Thursday, May 19, 2011

Street Talk

What’s with guys thinking that every girl passing by them in the street wants to hear and understand what they’re talking about? They’re usually talking normally but when a girl walks by it turns into “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SEE SAMEER? MEEN SAMEER? ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE HIM HIS MONEY TODAY? IT’S ONE HUNDRED JDS RIGHT? I AM GOING TO PAY CONDOLENCES TO MWAFFAG AT SEVEN O’CLOCK”*. And they do this while looking at you, "Hey check me out having this awesome conversation".

 It seems that every time I’m walking in the street and there’s someone watching me, I trip. I never trip when there’s no one around, but if I catch a khalto staring or a random dude watching, my flat shoes suddenly become 10 inch stilettos! Is it the awkwardness? Or is there some secret factor in the looks of our khaltos?

 Beautiful sidewalk right? Well it's either this or the one on your right.

You know you’re in Jordan when you see people walking NEXT TO THE SIDEWALK, people even prefer walking between parked cars (I’m not getting into how well parked those cars are). I don’t really blame them, we’re not used to having sidewalks in Jordan, they’re usually either a pile of rocks, or have untrimmed trees, that not even a 5 year-old can walk under, every two meters. (This is NOT a request to cut down those trees dear government!)

Do you get the feeling that cats nowadays are braver than before? Some are even reckless sometimes! I remember how they used to run away if you came near them, but now it seems that they stopped being afraid for some reason. One of my friends is cursed with suicidal cats, they just jump on her car even when it’s parked! (Hey you think she has a dead fish stuck near the engine or something?) 

*CAPS lock indicates yelling (in case you've been living on another planet.)