Saturday, January 30, 2010


Following the Jordanian Tweeps' top 50 reasons on why they love Jordan, and being in my see-the-glass-half-empty mood, I'm going to list my top 25 things i DISlike about Jordan :) 

  1. People throwing trash out of their car windows especially when streets are perfectly clean, so they want their cars to be clean but not their streets, or, throwing trash in dirty places with the lamest excuse: "it's already dirty, one more soda can won't make a difference"!!!
  2. Driving in Amman. All drivers will know what I mean.
  3. Speaking of driving, cab drivers, enough said.
  4. All the matabbaat and manahel in the streets, which get worse after a couple of rainy days.
  5. The fuss that is about to take place next week and every 6 months when Tawjihi results are announced. (Good luck everyone by the way).
  6. Da2eret al qobool wal tasjeel in the University of Jordan. 
  7. All those taxes! what the hell is a "dareebeh 3ala al dara2eb"?
  8. The fact that there is no Jordanian football, people here are fans of teams based on their origins :s
  9. Oh, Jordan TV Channel and their news cast.
  10. When you're walking in the street or any public place and people give you a death stare, like you just insulted them by being you.
  11. Worrying about getting food poisoning every time you eat outside your home.
  12. Gas prices which seem to always go up no matter what.
  13. Honor crimes.
  14. Boys' public schools. 
  15. Jordan Telecom Group (Orange), their Internet services, and their customer service employees. Horrible.
  16. All telecom companies actually, and the 1000 SMS they send everyday.
  17. The 1000 beautiful places that could be very popular tourist attractions but are not because they are neglected to the point where they became hidden under layers of garbage.
  18. Controleyyet el basaat, actually make that Jordanian public transportation in general. 
  19. Speaking of which, and sorry to mention this, men who grow their pinkie fingernails. Gross.
  20. Girls who wear so much make up that you can practically peel it off their faces.
  21. Girls who wear high heel, pointy toed shoes and go shopping. They walk super slow when they cross the streets it makes me want to run over them by my car.
  22. Men who let their wives hold a baby, push the other's stroller and carry the shopping bags while they walk in front of them.
  23. Guys who spend hours putting wax on their hair to make it so spiky that it looks like a weapon, it's stupid, disgusting and I can't think of one girl who finds that attractive.
  24. Men who send their children to beg on the streets. 
  25. The disappearance of middle class Jordanians. 
Now don't get me wrong, I love my country very much, and I agree with most of what the Tweeps have mentioned in their Top 50, but there are also things that get on everyone's nerves, and someone has to point them out. 
What are your dislikes? Can they be reversed?


Rula A. said...

LoL @ 6
بتذكر كان في عمو كتير لطيف في التسجيل كان دائماً يبقى يكزدر بالكردور ومعاه قلم،، ولسبب غير معروف كان بحب يساعدني.. كان والله يمشيلي أموري وبعدين لمن تكوني سنة ٥ أكيد كل موظفين التسجيل بصيروا صحابك وأصلاً بيتصيري إتسجلي على التلفون :)

Duckling said...

:( ana sort saneh 5 w et5arrajet men santain bs ma shoft men hal 7aki :'( bs kan fi 3enna mosajjel el handaseh el asla3 ma ghero kan a7yanan ysa3ed, bs 3omro ma sa3adni ana :(
el muhem 5lesna :D

Anonymous said...

heeeheeeeeeeeeeeee :) ranoush abda3tiiiii :) bs nseeti t7kiii 3n al wastta w al ma7soubyeh w dkatret al jam3ah hadoul l7alhom bdhom 20 noqtaa :(


Duckling said...

Annoos :) welcome :)
asli ma ba7ebbesh atkallem fil seyasa ya3ni :)do u remember 3addooolaaaa?

I shud have another post bs 3n dacatret el sena3i :( but that would take days to finish, dallek ta3i ;)

Anonymous said...

sure, 3ajabniiii :) tab3an ra7 atzakaroh lesa hadak al yom i7tejet kashef 3lamat w l2aitoh lesa hnaaak :(

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