Friday, January 29, 2010

Egypt to Final of CAN 2010

Egypt qualified to the final match of Africa Cup of Nations last night, after a 4-0 win over Algeria, I think the team deserved to win, not only because of the four goals, which I found amazing by the way, but also because they played fair compared to the Algerians.

Coffi Codjia, the referee from Benin, managed the game pretty well considering what everybody had expected.
I'm not sure whether this win will put an end to the Egypt Vs. Algeria saga, or do just the opposite and make it worse!

Personally, I think I prefer CAN 2008 and 2006, mainly because this version started out with the deadly attack on the Togolese team bus, while the only attack that I wanted to see was something that would end in scoring a goal, or even a missed chance! 
However, I'm glad that a new Egyptian star is rising, Mohammed Nagy 'Gedo' scored his fourth goal in the championship last night, and it has been reported that the English club Fulham is interested in him.
Here are the four goals :)