Thursday, January 28, 2010

Transparent Smiles

Do you remember this gem? my cousin recently reminded me of her, they used to play it so much ayyam el lulu, I love the "dala3" in her moves, so feminine and girly :)



Bardees said...

LOL! of course I do! that's very funny :) remember Angham's "yaleiliii laliiiiii" those were the hits!

Duckling said...

hahahaha yeah! actually this one reminded me of that song right away, with the green "outfit" and the crooked teeth :)

Rula A. said...

يا إلهي شو قديمه.. صدقي أنا وأنا صغير كنت كتير أسمع هاي الأغنيه -على أساس خواتي الكبار كانو فايعين- بس ولا مرة شفت الفيديو كليب تاعوa. بس والله موقع التصوير لطيف :)

Duckling said...

hehehe Rula mahee elha aktar men tasweer, yeah it was a hit ;)
thanx 4 visiting :)

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