Friday, July 2, 2010

I Figured Out Why I'm Happy!

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I haven't been eating falafel!

The other day I was at my office tweeting the day away (since I had nothing else to do and since the biggest task that can be given to me would take 2 hours tops including other things I might be doing while working on it), anyhow, I'm happily reading everybody else's tweets and then BAM! I see this:
1 thing a gf must understand .. no work = no gifts no good restaurants .. so stop naging a falafel each day wouldnt draw a smile on ur face*

Wow! I re-read it, but it remained the same, then steam started coming out of my ears to the point that the headscarf I was wearing went wrinkle-free.
So apparently, guys (some, I hope) think that fancy restaurants and nice gifts are key to a girl's happiness and that she would not smile if she had to eat the same meal every day.

Okay I admit I'd get sick of falafel if I had to eat it every day, but is good food something I look for in a life partner? Girls? Anyone? Didn't think so.

And does that mean that couples who were having dinner at Hashem last night for example are unhappy couples?

So we do appreciate a nice gift every once in a while, so do you! We like a good meal as much as you do, we want a nice house just like you do! Or are you telling me that guys never care about those things and it's just us girls that make your life impossible because we "nag" and are never happy unless you give us jewellery?

To every idiot who thinks that way, I hope you earn billions, all the cash you want, marry the girl of your dreams, shower her with presents, take her to every restaurant on earth and give her the extravagant life you think she dreams of, and then she leaves you for your driver who has been giving her a falafel sandwich every day since you started making her feel miserable.
No hard feelings I hope.

* Note: As much as I would like to correct the spelling and punctuation mistakes in the guy's statement, I can't because I'm quoting :(


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

ma3lesh akon shway away from target and say .. enti shway sherrerah! :)

Anonymous said...

the traditional money doesn't equal happiness argument.

Of course, not all girls want fancy gifts all the time, but on the other hand there are not so many girls that I know of who can survive jebna w zaytoon + 3asha ba6a6a everyday.

Mind you, life is don't need millions to build a healthy relationship but you do need a minimum amount of stability. That's my opinion anyway...

Whisper said...

What I know that money does not bring happiness but shortage of money will bring unhappiness for sure :)

Money is not every thing, girls loves gifts, but some times one rose.... even one smile or one pat on the shoulder, means the world to the girl

Rand said...

Haitham :( I couldn't help it, it's offensive :@

Abed and Whisper, it's not about money buying happiness, if money bought happiness then we'd have twice the number of thieves we have today because everybody's looking for happiness, true, it buys comfort and stability but my argument was whether gifts and nice restaurants is what a girl needs from a partner, I'm sure everyone wouldn't mind a fancy lifestyle and what comes with it, but is it what a girl needs from a guy? If so, divorce rate among rich couples should be zero shouldn't it? I know girls who divorced filthy rich husbands because they made them miserable.

Enas M said...

walah ya ranooosh kalamek sa7 al sa7 ,kteeer 7abbait mawdou3ek:)
according to girls,some of them are shallow thats really fancy resturant and classy gifts are all what they seek for in the relationship
on the other hand there are girls who seek for stability ,a loving caring and understanding partner with whome a simple resturant can be seen as a 7 stars one :)

Anonymous said...

to be honest with you Rand, despite the punctuation and spelling mistakes, the guy has a point!

I know lots of girls who'd tell you that a man's financial state is their top concern - these girls used to call it being rational, but now it is coming to the extent of being absolutely greedy.

Rand said...

Annoos that's what I'm saying, but I found it offensive for a guy to say that
"no work = no gifts = no smile"!
Also, apparently he's addressing his girlfriend which should dump him if she finds out that's how he thinks, unless she's one of those girls who actually seek gifts and nice dates which eventually leads us to the fact that there's nothing else to like about the guy!

blabbrgirl, if that's what his girlfriend is like then maybe she's not the one he should be with, is she?

Anonymous said...

yeah I totally agree, but my point is, the guy possibly has a point, some girls are like that, specially girls who never tried to have a job, for some reason they believe money grow on trees!

Tamer said...

Rand, the guy is an AH, no doubt about it? but certainly his girlfriend is an AH too!

you were offended because you don't care about material things, but people are different, don't place yourself as his girlfriend.

how many really young women are married to REALLY old men, just because they are rich? and don't tell me it's about something else, it's about money I dont see older-poor men getting married to young ones

why only the rich ones get the most beautiful girls?

all girls will tell you they don't care about money, all of them, but that doesn't mean they actually don't!

and BTW money doesn't bring happiness, but, i believe happiness is really hard when you have no money, how can you be happy when you worry all the time, when you can't afford to feed your family, or take them out, to educate them well, "mesh law kan el faqr rajoulan laqataltoh", have you ever been to one of the refugee camps, have you seen the kind of life they have, how miserable they are, so what happiness is there?

and I never seen a women asked for divorce from her really rich husband to be with the driver! maybe she will cheat, yeah, unless her family is really rich too

it's all about money these days, sad but true

Tamer said...

and I believe the twitting was about that his gf is asking for gifts and to take her out, he's not able because he's unemployed, that's how i understood it.

here i remember a story of a service boy, jordanian, really poor, who loved a girl at work, he asked her for marriage and she was laughing her *** out, felt like a joke to her

Anonymous said...

Wonder if we have lost sight of the smaller, more important things in life. Just being together is priceless, because none of us know if we have that opportunity in the future. Not having read the tweet, but both are at fault - too high expectations being met with fear of not fulfilling them.

Ahmad said...

wa7ad 5aroof mashi m3 wa7deh gold digger enti sho moshkeltek?!

The Puppeteer said...

I don't think the tweeter guy would ever komfort his girlfriend even if he had billions.

But what does he probably mean by "a falafel each day wouldnt draw a smile on ur face"? Shouldn't it be "a falafel each day wouldnt kill you" if he meant to make his girl just bear the falafels?

I never knew what a falafel is before but then I Googled it. It looks tasty, in Wikipedia.

Rand said...

It's really popular here in the Middle East, you should try it ;)
And it's cheap that's why he's saying she won't settle for it, he's saying she's only gonna smile if she eats fancy food.

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