Monday, May 17, 2010

10 Facts You Should Know Now.

Bottled water
1. Bottled water causes cancer like, the next day, if you drink it you’ll get gum cancer, if you hold it you’ll get hand cancer, if you pour it over your face you will become ugly and then get face cancer.

2. If the mouse you are using has a scroll, then it’s most likely made in the USA, and Americans use real mice to make them, can’t you see the tail? They’re trying to kill us by giving us plague.

3. Using Facebook is bad for your kidneys, because the Facebook logo radiates a special type of ultraviolet rays that aims straight at your kidneys and gives you kidney stones, quit Facebook now!

4. ChanelDiorGabbanaArmaniDolceRabanne’s latest perfume is made of pig urine, do not buy it! The people behind it are Zionists and they’re also trying to kill us, spread the word if you want to go to heaven.

5. Red lipstick is made of elephant blood, if you wear it on your lips, you’ll grow a trunk.

Anti Shower-Gel

6. Shampoos, shower gels, soaps and any personal hygiene products that contain the ingredient “Aqua” will make you blind, if you read the word aqua on the shampoo bottle, get out of the shower immediately, a friend of mine ignored this advice and she now has clean hair!

Mr.Potato Head Mrs. Potato Head
7. Potato chips will make you pregnant because farmers give the potatoes hormones to make them grow faster, and these hormones increase fertility in a way that you can get pregnant by yourself.

8. Shaving your beard causes the hair follicles to migrate to the inside of your body and then grow to make a huge hair ball inside your stomach, that’s why guys who shave their beards feel full most of the time.

9. Wearing bright-colored clothes causes the sunrays to penetrate your skin and your lungs will be slowly cooked. You should only wear beige.

10. If you talk on your mobile phone for long periods of time, you’ll have a heart attack. Well, technically, you might if you get a fat bill.

There. I hope this post is as informative as I intend it to be.

Please people, stop this nonsense. If you really believe such emails will save the humanity in one way or another, would you please check if the info is correct before you go forward them to all the 50 contacts you have?


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Every time I mark such E-mails as spam, they sneak back to my inbox!
I tell my contacts to use their heads b4 forwarding such idiotic E-mails but ... May be there is some secret power in them or something :D.


Faris Gharaibeh said...

Hats up Rand, good one.

Anonymous said...

Fact 11 - everytime you read this blog, you will die of laughter. Laughing is detrimental to your health and wellbeing - so keep reading this blog.

Marvin the Martian said...

You are a nut. ;-)

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Thank you very much for informing us, now ineed to change the way i live because of that (damn it).

Ahmad said...

thank you!!! you wont believe how many people i know repeat this crap like its science! people use some sort of reference for gods sake!

Jundi said...

but u know about #4 .. fee minno il kalam .. raymond weil is a major zionist company u can google it .. loreal as well ..

Jundi said...

the rest are funny though :D

Whisper said...

LOOOL love them all specially #6
they said the same about deodorant :(
for God sake it's summer no need to save ur self and kill the rest of us :$

Tamer said...

LOL, I hate these spam mails as well :)

Rand said...

Haitham First of all thank you for writing complete words :) and second, I don't know people seem to panic whenever they read such things!

Thank you Faris :)

Frank I'm proud to have you as a follower, thank you for such a sweet comment. I hope you will continue to like the blog.

Marvin This is coming from someone claiming to be an alien? :)

Ahmad Hamdan It's hard I know, but ti's for your own good I promise ;)

Ahmad You are welcome :)

Jundi I don't think there's any perfume out there that is made of pig urine, Zionist company or otherwise :) welcome to my blog.

Whisper Yeah they want to kill us that way, it's a conspiracy: Let's kill people with a biological/chemical weapon made of their own sweat :) ya3

Hala ya Tamer :)

Jundi said...

ya forget about the urine i was talking about the zionist part hehe

Anonymous said...

HA everyone should wear beige. and Jundi every or almost every company/corporation in the world has a connection big or small with Israel anyone claiming otherwise is lying. if you do not want to have any ties with them then i suggest you find an empty spot in the middle of the indian ocean and sit there cultivating coconuts. no seriously even the laptop you used to write a comment on this post has a link.....if it was a PC it most probably used some of Microsoft's software, Microsoft has development labs in Israel (and do does everyone else)

Anonymous said...

I hate these stupid emails, I wish people would actually use their brains before forwarding such crap..

here is today's piece of crap:

Due to volcano ash, be careful from the 20th to 28th of this month, there is possibility of an ACID RAIN?? The dark circle appeared around the moon on 17th of last month and this is indication of acid rain? Apparently this happens once in 750 years. It rains like normally but it may cause skin cancer if you expose yourself to it. So ALERT your dear ones. This information is from NASA. Do Not neglect.
Please forward this to all your friends, better to be cautious than sorry.

Jundi said...

melicieuse .. boycotting is not all or nothing ..

Rand said...

blabbrgirl I saw that on Twitter! They're like trends that fade away after a while, but the fading doesn't mean people realised they're untrue!

Jundi I have to agree with melicieuse on this, keef boycotting is not all or nothing? Wouldn't it be hypocritical to boycott some products but not all? Aren't you boycotting them because they're connected in a way or another to Israel? So why some but not the others? W on what basis?

Anonymous said...

so boycotting is selective now??!!! isn't that defeating the point of boycotting? if you choose the boycotted products on the basis of your need then really you are not boycotting i believe that instead you are instead either making savings or just deciding you don't need those products anymore.
i personally don't believe in boycotting the only boycott that might work is total import/export bans on a country meaning it's a nationa wide sanction or effort so really no one would have a choice but not to buy specific products and the sanctioned country would suffer, but really even then its never a 100% shield some things do filter (like arms, oil and stones......those seem to be beyond the laws)

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