Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Don't Hate the Game, I Hate the Players

Every day I wake up a happy person, ready for a new day, and very thankful for what I have.

Then what happens?

I arrive to work.

Every day. Every day. Every frickin’ day.


Anonymous said...

it's cliche of me to say but be thankful that you have a job ! lot of people out there are jobless + they have families to support + debt !

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

sm1 is irritated! :(
wt to say! kollona laha is in ordr i guess


Rand said...

I am very grateful for that. But like I said, it's the players not the game, I have to deal with some really, really sick mentalities here, I can't even begin to describe. I'm not irritated, I'm frustrated :(

Anonymous said...

Rand, it took me until age 39 to find a job that I was truly happy in - with the work AND co-workers. After finding this job, I've wondered ever since why I held onto jobs for so long that made me miserable in one way or another.

Yes, as Hamdanism said, I guess you're lucky to have a job in this economy... but don't settle. Please. Keep looking for something with decent people and good work and I'm sure you will find it.

Whisper said...

Join the club :(

Tamer said...

Hey Rand, wow you had plenty of posts since last time i checked, i'll go through them all, i love this blog...

about being unhappy about your job, trust me this is the case 90% of worker, we're nothing but slaves, right?

may I suggest things to get you through the day:
- try to focus on positive aspects and ignore the negatives
- think of my job as a supporting (thingy) that allows me to do what I enjoy afterward, I do really have fun after work hours this helps a lot
- keep your options open, i mean look for better jobs, but keep your expectations low, most firms are alike, they all have their cons/pro
-trust me, talking about work problems will only get you frustrated and not relieved

best luck Rand you deserve the best :)

Anonymous said...

...this is a tough one, when saying something is easier said than done. I once saw a program in which a person desperately wanted to be a nurse but kept finding reasons which prevented her from doing so. Her primary reason was lack of funds. The moderator was surprised. Money is the only thing which is holding you back? Something as stupid as money. Have you asked for help, really asked, with passion, dedication and conviction? It turned out she hadn't. A month later, she managed to pursue her vocation.

Who can you turn to? There must be someone in your life who can penetrate that wall of frustration and maybe unlock that door.

Find that person and bash on his/her door.

Oh, and then tell us about the experience. In your own words, in your own style - something you do so well.

Marvin the Martian said...

Life's too short to work at a job you hate.

jaraad said...

I am in this club as well but I am hoping one day things will change for the best.
Maybe it is time to use your magic wand :)

asoom said...

hahaha you see unlike being in a relationship, I think your job is a place where you can actually be too optimistic. At least you have a job that's in your field (I'm assuming)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm the only one seeing this, but the girl is obviously referring to being harassed at her job.

What's going on Rand? Have your female co-workers teamed up on you? Is there a male co-worker who will not take a hint? Is there a boss who's being abusive?

I say don't give up the job, own up to that harassing person! That's the principle, translate it to your specific case.

Rand said...

Emi Thanks for a great advice! I'm definitely not settling.

Whisper Why don't we start our own business? Bema enna bel hawa sawa.

Tamer Thank you so much :)

FrankTurning to people in my life is what makes me wake up happy everyday, without them the frustration would go on in an endless cycle. That's why when I leave work, I turn back to the happy me :)

Marvin you're right but this economy is giving everyone a hard time.

jaraad if I had a magic wand I wouldn't be here would I? How are your Chinese coworkers by the way? :P

asoomIt is in my field, I'm only having trouble with some of the people here, some comments seem to disagree with you, if I'm to see the bright side I might miss some much better chances out there.

seleucid I already told you I'm gonna kill you for this comment haven't I? A coworker that won't take a hint? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

if you hate everyone in there then leave, its not worth the hassle. if you hate one personal only minimize contact. if you like the company/people but hate the job eeeuuuhhhh time for a new direction. and before doing any of the above i suggest taking a nice relaxing holiday (by relaxing i mean not the type where you stay home and do nothing but actually go somewhere different to have a change of scenery) when you come back you would have calmed down and would see things clearer so you would know for sure what is it you dont like 1 person, everyone or the job or maybe even everything
good luck

Rand said...

Yeah, I did that once, came back all fresh and happy, a couple of weeks later and I'm back to the same situation. But no I don't hate everyone there, and I've minimized contact with most of the people I don't like, but still, there are people that I'm forced to deal with every single day. I guess there will always be something you don't like about where you work.

Anonymous said...

yeah probably or else they wouldn't call it work, it would be called fun or something nice like that ;-)

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