Sunday, May 23, 2010

UEFA Champions’ League Gone Argentine

Photo source: Corriere Della Sera

Now we’re talking!

Diego Milito, who scored both of Internazionale’s goals in the Champoins’ League finale against Bayern Munich, gave Argentina fans another reason to look forward to June 12th, the day of Argentina’s opening match in the World Cup against Nigeria.

I can’t wait to see him play :)

Who are you looking forward to see?


Ahmad said...

i think we'll witness many disappointments and surprises in the next world cup,i prefer south American players who play in there countries over the one's who play in Europe and the living proof on that will be the Brazilian team,on the other hand spain has a very good team,even if they didnt win the cup they'll make a good appearance!

Whisper said...

Haayyy Haayyy 2el3ab Brazil :D

Diana said...

After missing the last World Cup! Definitely ENGLAND :D

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