Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Real Truth Behind Hairdressers

In Amman. Or at least the ones I was fortunate enough to go to during my, let’s say 20 years of going to salons.

Let’s start with the classic scenario: girl sitting with her girlfriends “I’m going to get a haircut”

Friend number 1: Nooo whyyy? Your hair looks great now!

Girl: really?

Friend number 2: of course! You look so much better with long hair.

Girl: oh okay! (she’s happy) I guess I’ll just get it trimmed then.

Girl goes to the salon:

Of course the hairdresser will also ask the girl where she got her hair cut the last time and keep going on and on about how awful the previous hairdresser was at her job.

On the other hand, if a girl goes to a male hairdresser:

And the way I imagine guys have it:

* Now until I learn how to draw these things all by myself (which is hmmm I’ll say 53 years from now), I’m going to Google the images and add the text to them, not fancy I know, but I think you’ll get my point without me having to spend weeks to get one post done :( so in the meantime, please ignore those watermarks!