Friday, July 30, 2010


I saw her lying there, next to her friends. I was watching them from behind the glass, no one else was looking, everybody seemed to be focusing on other things. 

Some of her friends looked darker than she was, and they were sticking together, but she had her own gang.

I watched as she remained silent, she didn’t move, nor did her friends, they all seemed to enjoy the cool breeze, I stared for a while and then asked him:
“Who’s she?”
“She’s French”
“Yeah you wanna meet her?”
And without waiting for my answer he grabbed her, I reached my hand.

She was so soft, so attractive, her colors blended together so perfectly; cream and rich, velvety brown have never been so beautifully combined. I thought to myself “there has to be something wrong, she can’t be that perfect, maybe she would be different on the inside”, but deep down I knew, she was as sweet as one can be. 

I looked around and then decided to give it a shot, what do I have to lose anyway?

I pulled her closer to me, she wasn’t scared, she was millimeters away from my lips, and she did not blink.

I opened my mouth and took a bite; she was the most delicious chocolate cookie I have ever tasted, I bought her and some of her friends and went home.