Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 People You Can Find in Any Training Class

Last week I had a training course that lasted 5 days, it's a 40 hour course over 4½ days so it was a pretty busy week (hence the lack of posts and comments). The course was about quality auditing and ISO9001 if you care but anyway, I like this stuff and because I studied industrial engineering, I found it easy to understand and very interesting (plus the instructor was nice and funny), however, some people didn't, and they found it hard and stressful, usually people who are new to the concept will find it complicated, and overall the quality assurance thing is still new in Jordan, in my opinion, everything that involves improvement in products or services, plus IT and design should be dealt with by young people, I don't mean to sound cocky but our old 3ammoyat and khaltoyat haven't been doing very well providing good services (picture a Jordanian public institution that has employees with an average age of 52 years, or try to lose your ID or passport and get a new one issued to see where I'm coming from).

Now being me, I came up with a new list: list of people you find in any training class: some of these characters can be combined into one to give a whole new idiot:

  1. The arrogant-proud-of-his-company guy: usually keeps talking about where he works and how important his job is, brags about big accomplishments (which turn out to be performed by a consulting company or something), hates working in groups and is always on the phone during coffee breaks, usually talking loudly to make sure people know that the guys at work can't do anything when he's not around.

  1. The quiet girl: pretty shy, when you work with her you'll find out she knows a big deal about the whole subject but is keeping quiet, she gets a lot of text messages and is very hard to approach.

  1. The knows-the-answer-to-a-lotta-questions guy/girl: a work nerd. You know the type.

  1. The "please repeat" man: ugh! This one waits for the instructor to finish a whole big fat idea and start another one then goes "wwwhaaat? Can you repeat that I didn't get it" or to put it in Arabic "keeeeeeef? Ma3lish t3eeeed?" usually consuming half of the course time cause he's too busy searching for what the instructor is saying in his course notes.
  1. The asking-irrelevant-questions guy/girl: I seriously don't know where they come up with these questions! Sometimes it seems like they're attending a whole other class.

  1. The nervous-about-the-exam guy/girl: all this person cares about is how many marks they get on the exam, usually asking questions like "how many marks out of 7 would I get on this question if I wrote bla bla bla instead of yada yada yada?"

  1. The complicate-it: this person really likes to complicate things and especially hypothetical situations "tayyeb what if OutOfThisWorldThing happens? What if I fix OutOfThisWorldThing but then a dog comes in and messes it up all over again? What if the security guy got shot and everyone else there is scared of the dog and I can't get rid of it on my own? What should I do then huh?"

  1. The comes-in-late guy/girl: usually comes a few minutes after the class starts, looks like he/she took the stairs all the way to the 13th floor and when they sit and try to take out all the course notes from the bag, everything falls and each paper goes in a different direction, they finally pick them up (with some help) but then drop their pen under the table.

  1. The first-to-get-to-lunch-table person: and fill up their dish with all sorts of food :)

  1. The class-ha-ha: makes the worst jokes, and laughs at them alone, out loud! This however doesn't stop him from making them over and over again. Neither do the blank stares from other people in the class.

I hope I get the certificate :)


Anonymous said...

I am number #3....hmmm

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

OMG, I blv I gt a reality-check shock, thx 4 makin` me feel... sad , lol. I`m more than 1 combined.

Ahmad said...

I'm the extreme cases of both #1 and #3.

Sh3rawi said...

So there isn't a guy of #2 ?
I am that guy !

Rand said...

it's good that everyone is admitting it :)
رحم الله امرءاً عرف قدر نفسه

Ahmad, taking a class with u must be a ride. Extreme u say?

Rand said...

Sh3rawi, it can be it can be, but it's rare

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