Monday, April 26, 2010

Do You Watch Syrian TV Series?

I like Syrian TV shows, I find them more realistic than American shows (what with the lack of people jumping off buildings and landing safely, plus in a Syrian show, when you’re shot you’re shot, end of story) and they’re the perfect Ramadan accessory after Salat El Tarawee7 and all the food before that.

The thing is, I don’t know how some directors seem to miss (or ignore) some tiny yet important details, things like women waking up in the morning with every product in the makeup family on their faces, the awful wigs that they make the actors and actresses wear, particularly when they need a blond girl for some role, and close-ups of bad teeth, very bad teeth.

My favorite is when the show’s events take place in the early 20th century or so like Bab Al Haara for example, and everyone in the cast is wearing, let's say, clothes that are suitable for that period of time, females wear long modest dresses, traditional Syrian costumes and veils that cover most of their hair, yet, they have tattooed eyebrows! Now correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think women in the 20s of last century had their eyebrows tattooed, I can turn a blind eye to the sculpted nose and collagen (or whatever it is they inject these days) injected lips, but the tattoos? Can’t they just fake them? They fake moustaches!

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Got something else to share?


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I`m sorry I don`t have anything to share coz I don`t have a TV! (yes, I will survive :D).

The only memories of me & bab-al-hara P1, is the details I got between prayers in taraweeh :D, really!
But good eye for detail there :).


ola said...

loooool yeah that full make up thing gets on my nerves too! innoh they've just woken up, men wain ija kol el make up?

Whisper said...

So true, for me the makeup thing is too much bsara7a

Specially when she is in the hospital in the ICU with the eye-shadow and the blusher
TOOOO much ya jama3a

Anonymous said...

Best thing the Syrian TV series offer for Jordanian audience is an example of the anglelic women that we miss, there she is beautiful, considerate, warm, professional house keeper while we are struggling to live with nervous ugly and money greed women

Anonymous said...

this anonymous stalker you have seems super bitter......what's with "ervous ugly and money greed women" sheesh sounds like someone's bank account is being licked clean by an angry ugly woman. honey if you are to get attached to an angry greedy woman at least make sure she is pretty so at least you can say you bought her.....because otherwise really it just seems you are one stupid and not so good looking stingy man. lets face it if you were good looking you wouldn't complain about what your woman looks like as you would most probably be surrounded by super model ogling on your perfectly sculpted body....if you weren't stingy then you wouldn't complain about your woman asking you to pay for the household goods.........and if you were smart then you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place........come to think of it dude i think the best thing for you is to continue watching Syrian prehistoric soaps and dream
anyhooooow, i didn't mind the Syrian soaps when they first started but to be honest they annoy me now because there is nothing new...its been what 4 years now or maybe more and the same stories/scenarios/names/faces/costumes are on repeat

Anonymous said...

Zing! hahaha Melicieuse FTW!

That stingy comment just won you a new subscribed reader, keep it up :)

Back to the post:
Well the make-up wake-up is in Egyptian series and much too much in Khaleejis as well. The Syrians are portraying some of the sick heroines without make-up, but there is much way to go.

I think it's more of a reflection of society's expectations than a technical oversight however. We've somehow been so used to seeing girls pampered in full make up all the time, our subconscious has certified that they are always like that. Girls realize it, which is why some of them might prefer to die slowly and painfully than being seen without make-up by a male. Same is expected of course by the main female characters, mirrors and role models of society that they are.

The solution is for society to stop viewing females as porcelain dolls and more as humans. Then you would see the Syrian actress waking sans make-up :)

Rand said...

Haitham howweh beni w benak it might be better that way, but I wouldn't survive, I have to get my football dose every week :)

Ola and Whisper 3an jad, besides, if u do sleep in ur makeup you wouldn't wake up looking like that! kollo betkharbash, sa7 Whisper the hospital thing kaman, betla2eeha tal3a men 3amaleyyeh w matrousheh traasheh, I once went to the hospital to get an endoscopy, ya3ni la hee operation wala shi, w el nurse told me to remove my nail polish! fa keef law enno makeup!

Anonymous yalla 3al Shaam? halla ma fi dareebet moghadara wala shi, zay ka2enno el wa7ad raye7 3ala Irbed, betjeeblak wa7deh "beautiful, considerate, warm, professional house keeper" w bterja3. mnee7?

mel thank you! I couldn't have put it better myself, and I agree that shows are becoming a lot alike (alot a like) even the characters are played by the same actors, el 7alla2, el khodarji, el daayeh are always played by the same actors and actresses

seleucid I talked about Khaliji makeup before, yeah that took a whole post, and you're right the whole "I'd rather die than be seen without makeup" thing is not just for actresses, girls are wearing makeup to go to the supermarket these days, I don't think men would mind a girl with short eyelashes that much!

Aline said...

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