Sunday, April 11, 2010

15 Reasons Why I Should Have These Guys' Job

1. I would be the first female sports commentator in the Arab world.

2. I love football, but I’m not one of those girls who watch football to look at the players, true, it started out that way when I was 13 but then I discovered my love for the game.

3. I would kill to go to Italy,

4. And watch a game at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in San Siro,

5. And talk while I’m at it! I love to talk, and once I start there will be no stopping me.

6. I speak Italian so I can interview Italian players :)

7. I also speak a little Spanish so I can interview Spanish players too :)

8. I’m Paolo Maldini’s biggest fan so having his father Cesare as a guest would be so cool for me.

9. I’m very lazy so I don’t mind sitting in the same chair for two hours.

10. I’m probably the only Valencia CF fan in Jordan and the only girl who wouldn’t mind watching Valencia vs. Sporting Gijon in the middle of the night.

11. I might also be the only girl who ever watched a Bayer Leverkusen match, and hoped they win.

12. It’s not official but I think I set a world record with the loudest screams during the WC2006 game of Argentina vs. Serbia and Montenegro (it ended 6-0 so you can imagine why). I also skinned my knee after Italy’s 2002 defeat in South Korea, by South Korea. That’s how excited I can get.

13. I’ll say the players’ names right and I won’t mention the fact that David Beckham is married to Posh Spice “motazawwej men moghanneyat fareeq fatayat al tawabel” unlike all other Jordanian commentators (but that’s a whole different post I’m writing someday).

14. I won’t talk about pasta or pizza in an Italy match because I understand the fact that pasta has nothing to do with Italian football just like Mansaf has nothing to do with Jordanian football (except that maybe you should play a game after a Mansaf meal in order for you to digest it) and just like no one mentions sushi when Japan is playing.

15. And finally because I really, really want to :(


Anonymous said...

roll on June 11, I'd say. Looking forward to your expert comments on all the matches.

Rand said...

oh yeah I forgot to say that WC2006 kicked off on my birthday June 9th and that's probably a factor: I was born in the World Cup month :) I was with Italy too so maybe that's why they won it :) I want Argentina to win this year

Sh3rawi said...

These jobs are the most awesome jobs on the face of earth !
Frankly,i am surprised to see a girl wish such a passion to soccer !
Bayer Leverkusen ? Valencia ?
Thats soccerly-deep !
Dreams can come true (Although i doupt men will allow a woman to comment on Barca Vs Real !)
Good Luck with it ;)

Ola Eliwat said...

Being paid to talk! wow! that's my dream job too... either the Arabic version of opera or this!

Shaheen said...

loool hilarious, interesting blog, it seems ill be spending long times here

zuhair said...

mashallah mashallah ..
banatna dayreen warra 2la3eebeh 2l2ajaneb :\ ... jk :P))

مياسي said...

lool o la eshi

i should introduce u to my aunt's husband

he is a v big fan of football and she is not
he keeps saying that he did one big mistake when he proposed to her and did not ask about her football interests

Honstly, who is the most handsom player? :D

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

:) loOl 3anjad.
my fav. was #14.

soccerish girl, cool :)


Ahmad said...

Rand TA7SHEESH...and i would love to hear your professional analysis of the last classico :P

Rand said...

Sh3rawi, thank you, you think maybe Al-Jazeera Sports could accidentally visit my blog and be interested?

Ola, naah this is better, Oprah has to go through hours of hair and makeup before each show, plus this is live which means it's spontaneuos :) oh yeah she's tons richer though!

Shaheen, ur welcome to spend as much time as u want, beddak ghorfeh single wella double?

Zuhair, lesh el blog ta3ak mamnou3 afout 3aleh? m3ammam 3alay?

Mayyasi, yee ana men halla2 mqarrera ma bakhod 7ada beshajje3 Brazil aw Real Madrid, they're not my style :P w the answer is Paolo Maldini of course (besides being the best defender in the world).

Haitham, thank u very much and thanx for stopping by

Ahmad, I think Xavi was the best, w Messi ostoora :) w bas hai my opinion no one can argue

zuhair said...

mnee7 2li nabahteni .. 2ana shakli konet 2msakro bel'3alat .. wo 7atet 2edi 3ala 5ady leash mafi comments .. ))

Naryat said...

you should have said this before ART Sport channels were sold :-)

We could have made your dream come true... ;-)

Rand said...

lol Zuhair kteer 7azzantni 3anjad ta7sheesh

Naryat, maybe al jazeera would be interested :( the thing is, I hate my voice!

SlickR said...
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SlickR said...

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