Friday, April 9, 2010

Men of the World: Flaunt Your Facial Hair!

Have you guys noticed that lately it is becoming more acceptable for guys to care too much about their looks? A man's, ahem, "beauty collection" now is more than just his shaving cream, now they have facial scrubs, masks, sunscreen lotions, moisturizers and even toners! Hell I never use all those and I'm The Body Shop's biggest customer! Besides, who on earth uses toner?

Anyway, you can call me old fashioned but I liked it better when a guy had no idea what a scrub was, and thought an exfoliator was one of them car parts.

And that's not the worst part of the story yet, at least to me it's not. The thing that bugs me the most is that more guys are plucking their eyebrows now! Oh my God I have to say that I have a serious problem with a guy whose eyebrows are perfectly shaped like a woman's, you can call me an eyebrow-ist, a facial-hair-ist or even a plucko-phobic, but I can't stand it, guys are supposed to have bushy eyebrows, well not as much as this guy below but come on! 

Facial hair is one of the things that make a man's face, well, manly! Just leave it there.
If someone showed me this guy's face with longer hair for example, there's no way I'd believe he's a guy (and what's with the pouty lips?).

As usual, some slightly relevant Seinfeld scenes… 


Ola said...

A well-trimmed beard is always nice!

Reminds me of the other day when my brother came home after a week in Irbid with a shabby beard, so my mother said:

So, is this the dirty look?

And he replied: This is the dirty DON'T look

Rand said...

yeah I love a trimmed well-defined beard, but trimming your beard is one thing and trimming your eyebrows is another (well not your beard obviously)

Stephen Roberts said...

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