Friday, April 30, 2010

What Would You Do?

Alright people, let's see your different opinions on something fun for a change:

Let's say you and a friend (or more) were eating at a café or restaurant, you had a good meal, the service was not bad and generally it was an OK experience, the bill comes and they've added sales tax, service tax, a cover charge per person and all that's there to add, the bill totaled 18.25 JDs, you hand them a twenty, and they return 1 JD instead of 1.75 ignoring the whole thing

Give your two cents.


zuhair said...

usually i would leave the 20 .. but that's up to me not for them to decide so at this case i would ask for the 75 cents .. wo 2ankosh mo5aty 3alehom shway ))

أشرف محيي الدين said...

hello Rand

I will choose the last answer and the tip is optional as Zuhair said , I totally agree with that .

Anonymous said...

how very rude.....they surcharge the experience with madeup taxes that by the sound of it you didn't know about those charges before receiving the bill (so really you were never given the choice to either accept those extra taxes and eat there or leave to somewhere else.....since they slapped you with those taxes when the bill came and you already ate your bill)................and really even if the experience was amazing (food + service + setting/ambiance) i still don't think its an excuse to whack extra cost on top of the prices that were specified on the menu.
anyhow, i'd go for option 3.....i would ask for the rest of my change back and i would probably not leave a tip since i have already been charged for service as an extra and since the waiter was not exceptionally great then he shouldn't get anything more than service charge

Bo_Rashid said...

It's ok with me, he evaluate him self with this amount of money.

Whisper said...

For me with a big smile, I'll call him and ask for the rest of the money, and then leave it all as a tip :D

bemazajeee y3nee :)

Rand said...

apparently most people would either leave without leaving a tip or ask for their money back. this happened to me more than once. it's not taking a tip over the service charge that bugs me, it's taking it without my consent!
mel, it's the way it's done here, we like surprises.

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