Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Remember This Book?

If you grew in an Arab country in the 1990’s you must remember this book

It was HUGE back then, our Wikipedia at that time, I remember taking every piece of info I needed for school from it, and we had the cover laminated so it won’t get dirty, hell I want to go find it.

Don’t tell me you don’t remember it.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Oh there were many encyclopedias. Not only in the Arab world, but the prestigious Britannica and Americana. Then there was Encarta which was one of the first (but probably not the first) that was all electronic and could fit on a few floppies
It's amazing how much we depend on the Internet these days. A future generation will come that will not know what a book looks like. This generation would believe everything written in Wikipedia too. They've never seen it any where else.
Anyway, yes, I remember that book.

jaraad said...

Of course I remember it, who doesn't?
It is been very long time indeed. I am trying to remember my other books collection when I was a kid. This was very nostalgic.

Ola Eliwat said...

I don't :(

We had something else at home, an encyclopedia that my father assembled himself, it was a book with blank squares and you had to collect the cards, I don't know how long it took him to collect all of them but he did it! I think we still have it, thanks for reminding me of it (indirectly)

Dr.Mohammed said...

wow! i do remember it !!

i remember whenever my teacher asked for some kind of research i was rush to that encyclopedia , it was very helpful , i remember i had two other interesting books too, one about human body and the other for modern technology!!! and nuh, no mention for internet in it !!

BTW, nice blog , follow you ,

Whisper said...

Yeah I do remember that book :D

My youngest brother requested it and another two books, one about animals the other about human body, he requested them all as a birthday gift :)

We still use them some times

Anonymous said...

HA what a gem. the new flower theme is cute BTW

Rand said...

Qwaider, Brittanica and Americana are way more sophisticated than this little guy here :)
welcome to my blog

jaraad, apparently Ola doesn't :)

Ola, tsk tsk, sheklek konti kaslaneh at school :P ur dad's sounds much more exciting tho!

Thank u Dr. Mohammed and ur very welcome here

Whisper, i remember those, mawsou3at al tabee3a al moyassara kan esemha :P

mel, thanx a lot, a little makeover every now and then is refreshing

ola said...

LOL actually I was a nerd, bas kanat ihtimamamty extra-curricular I guess, majallet majed ans whatnot :D

Ahmad said...

Wala eshi msh ma3gooleh enti sho gadeemeh..i almost forgot about this..i used to own the whole collection (o begollek laish tle3na geeks :P) bs wallah nice one.

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