Monday, March 8, 2010

Jordanian Car Chase

I talked about Jordanian TV series before here, and in the comments, Ola mentioned the show they aired in Ramadan last year "Nesf Al-Qamar", well unfortunately I didn't get to watch it all, but I did see some episodes for the sake of making comments like the ones you read in the post :) plus I needed the laugh to digest what I ate on al Iftaar, anyways, this is a car chase scene that I also talked about here, only this time it's Jordanian, oh the amount of pride I'm feeling right now, enjoy.


ola said...

أهم إشي الطاقية السودا والنظارات، شكلهم من البلد بليرتين، ما هو المسلسل مكلف ربع مليون يا دوب

بس تنكر رهيب بصراحة ذكرني بيونس شلبي في مسرحية العيال كبرت لما تنكر ولحق أبوه

أتاريك لابس ومتشيك

work said...

بعدين الأمن العام ترك البلد ولحق وراالسيد عماد!! وشو بالنسبة لسيارة الشرطة اللي بتعطي خمسات

Whisper said...

6ab leash heak O_o

welshaware3 fadyaaaaaa...welmwslat sahlaaaaaa

w shoo belnesbeh lala blood :S
forsa y7o6ooh 2abkar :D

adel said...

oh my god this is so touching. i almost cried! :)

Rand said...

Ola, that's very funny, 3anjad el ta2eyyeh to7feh, bjooz hai ta2eyyet el e5fa2

Whisper, mahoo mojrem w ma 3endo dam :)

take it easy Adel, justice was served

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