Friday, March 5, 2010

Famous Baby

Do you remember this kid? He used to be everywhere when I was little! He reminds me so much of my late grandmother's house because this picture was on her wall for as long as I can remember. And we always wanted to know why he's crying. Is it by a famous artist or something?

It reminded me of this episode of Friends (the relevant part starts at 1:50)


Ola Eliwat said...

Ohhhhhhh you brought back a really, really distant memory!! I had a notebook with this picture on and as I'm recalling now I cropped it and taped it to my diary book or something!!

Ola Eliwat said...

I was just reading the about section and I realized we have much in common!! the nerdy obsessive compulsive correcting people thing!! lol

Whisper said...


Swear to God I downloaded the pictures few days ago to write a post about it :D

ya sub7an allah...el2loob 3end b3dha LOOOL

Faris Gharaibeh said...

OMG, this painting in the 70s you couldn't find a house without this painting hanging on a wall there.
Not only in Jordan we were in UAE that time also it was hanging there in our home.

nashashibi said...

Great post, it has been a while since i last saw this picture!

Faris Gharaibeh said...

Excuse me Rand, may I use it?

Rand said...

Ola, glad to find someone like me :) yeah i felt that we have some things in common when I read ur "yefda7 **** el ta5allof" post :)

Whisper, ma dakhalni, 7oqouq el nasher ma7fouza :) jad sob7an Allah w I'm honored walla I love ur blog m3 enni i don't know u personally

Faris, I didn't know u guys lived in the UAE, I asked mom and she said u did zamaaaan :) she says hello by the way, and feel free to use anything here garaba :)

nashashibi, thanx for coming and welcome to my blog

Whisper said...

I love ur blog too ya zoo2 thanks for the sweet compliment , inshallah we get to know each other personally soon :D

Roba said...

Funny. The other day we were at Abu Ahmad's downtown and he also had that hanging. Hilarious!

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