Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Are We Idiots?

You know when you’re watching a show like Oprah or the Tyra Banks Show for example, and they get to the part where they’re surprising one of their viewers at home? I hate that part, I cannot stand it! (actually I hate all parts and I stopped watching these shows a long time ago but anyway)

So the viewer, and let’s call her Habla is supposedly sitting at home (wearing her best outfit and having a really great-hair day) clueless that the presenter, and let’s call her Showprah, is gonna show up at her door and surprise her, but the point is, how the hell did the cameraman with his stuff get inside the house and capture that moment when Habla is casually unknowingly walking towards the door to open it? Is he invisible? Or is she that stupid that she lets anyone in and figures out what they want later? (Like this unsuspecting couple right here, even the "Oh my God!" Is fake)

They're showing you the inside of the house for God's sake! Now they should either stop doing that, and just tell us that their fans were surprised and all, or shoot the outside of the place and then after they're all shocked and in tears, they can start shooting inside! At least then, I wouldn’t feel like I need to beat the crap out of everyone who believes it that much. 


Dr.Mohammed said...

yes you right!

i hate such overestimated dramatic scenes ! c'omn! add to that they are so fake! and what is worst about all that some people do really believe that ! so you see them go like "....oh...look how they surprise her..." ! please stop insulting our intelligence, by such fake crappy scenes please , pleaseeeee!

we are not so naive !

Ali Alhasani said...

Your so right! These shows are for lame women who have nothing to do all day, Just pure CRAP!

Anonymous said...

Aren't fairytales true then?

zuhair said...

OOMMMGGGG .. NOO NOO. DONT tell me its not true :)))
iam all in tears now .. )))
the best senario for this situation .. is that the camera team goes inside the hous and tell them like she is coming in 2 hours .. but they come in half an hour lets say :P
omg omg ...
and i do bilieve that ther is a flying pink elephants some where :))

Anonymous said...

It's ok Zuhair,
just follow her on Twitter and she may surprise you with her own presence, a flying pink elephant and a special surprise.

She promised that to me about 6 months ago

Rand said...

Dr. Mohammed why don't u chill down for a second there :) I didn't know my post would touch such a nerve :P

Ali, amen to that, the women in America are obsessing over these things

Frank, I'm so sorry to burst your bubble :)

Zuhair, oh God calm down I was just kidding they're very real, I was just being mean :) and the flying elephants? oh they're out there my friend

zuhair said...

frank peters: wonderland hear i come :) she is all that indeed:) six months hmmm...

Rand: oh such a calming words .. They are bitween the clouds right ?)
I still remember them in my babe bed :p

AlmondJoycie said...

very funny, yet very true. People like to see the melodrama, and think that it's real. I wish I could have been more of an idiot when trying out (twice) for the Wheel of Fortune. Yes, I did, and all I had to show for it was some lousy pencils that said "I tried out for Wheel of Fortune" I got through the first two rounds of auditions, but the third round required the contestants to act all HABLA! I failed both times. Sigh.

Rand said...

well that's a good thing isn't it? that u failed at being Habla? I say those pencils are a source of pride :)

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