Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ugly Duckling Goes Floral

The Blog of the Ugly Duckling decided to get a makeover :) so in celebration of the spring season, he decided to go floral. Hope you like it! Say na3eeman :)


Roba said...

Nice! I like it a lot :) Mabrook!

Bardees said...

Na3eeman Blog!
I especially liked the Date tag :)

Rand said...

Allah ybarek feekom w yen3am 3alekom. Isn't it cool? but the ready template needed some fixing and I don't speak HTML so it took me hours to get it right :S at least it turned out ok

Whisper said...

ya mabroook ya mabrook
w na3eman :)

Soooo refreshing :D
I love it

Rand said...

thanx Washwasheh :)

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