Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Strict Teachers Required!

So the other day I was checking my Facebook and looking after my crops and produce as usual, when I noticed this ad on the side of the browser:

For non-Arabic speaking readers, this roughly translates to
Strict Arab Teachers
if you are a strict teacher, hurry and sign up for your name to be included in the Strict Arab Teachers Guide, and start receiving applications for education of students who are in need of strict teachers”.
(Excuse my bad translation here but this is the only way I could put it).

Does that seem regular to you? Cause it seemed kind of fishy to me! Anyway, I clicked the link to see what it's all about, apparently there's this group, I'll let you read:

(Click on the picture to enlarge it)

Notice that you can’t directly join the group unless you submit a request to do so.

Also, for those of you who will ask why my Facebook is in Italian, I happen to like it that way, and I did it because I need to brush up on my Italian every now and then, and no it’s not falsafeh, (Ayah I’m speaking to you here).

Here's the link to the Facebook group to read the complete info, and this is a link to the site, on which you will find this picture:

Read on here for more creepiness.

Now I don’t know about you, but those pictures made me really uncomfortable, and other than being intimidating, they sort of seem like they belong in “one of those sites” you know? Ones with perverse fantasies and whatnot.

Bottom line, and in case you don't speak Arabic or haven’t visited the site, apparently this is like a guide which gives parents access to the services of "strict" teachers\nannies! And they are recruiting, or whatever it is that they do, right now.

Now what do they mean by "strict"?

معلمات صارمات لتربية وتعليم ابنائهم باستخدام الاسلوب العقلي والعقاب البدني المدروس وحسب الاساليب التربوية القديمة المثبت نجاحها علميا وعمليا في تربية الاجيال السابقه بما يسمى العقاب المدرسي (الـفـلـكـه) ولكن شريطة عدم الضرب المبرح واستخدام العقاب كوسيلة تربوية فقط، وهو ما نضمنه لجميع اولياء الامور من خلال تعهد شخصي يلتزم به ولي امر الطالب والمعلمه التي يختارونها من خلال دليل معلماتنا المعتمدات من قبلنا

الأسلوب المتبع لدينا
وهو الأسلوب التقليدي القديم الحديث والذي مازال يثبت نجاحاته ألا وهو بما يسمى " الفلقه" ضرب المؤخرة

المعلمة التي تعاقب بهذا الأسلوب تقوم بالاستحواذ الكامل على تفكير طلابها حتى أثناء نومها في بيتها يبقى الطالب متذكرا ما طلبت منه معلمته خوفا من إغضابها ويقوم باتباع أوامرها كما طلبت منه ذلك دون تردد أو تواطىْ حتى لو طلبت منه النوم واقفا.. سيقوم بذلك تلبية لرغبة معلمته والاستماع لأوامرها. وهنا يأتي دور المعلمة بتحويل هذا الخوف لرغبه لإعادة التربية وتصحيح السلوك الهمجي لهكذا نوع من الطلاب

Teachers who will physically punish your kids, hold on, BY SPANKING them! According to them, this is the only effective way for parents to discipline their children, but they're guaranteeing that they will not be causing any harm or injuries to children!

They’re also saying that a teacher or a nanny that uses spanking for disciplining kids will take over their thoughts and will make them obey her even when she’s “sleeping at home” and spoiled brats will avoid embarrassment by doing what the teacher says they have to do!

So how does this thing work?

If you are a teacher, you send them your CV, and they take a look and see if you’re qualified enough to spank kids (you might wanna send them pictures of butts you previously spanked attached with your CV), then they list you in their guide, and parents looking for people like you, you freak, will contact them and ask for your, ahem, services. Also, this is limited to some Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, and prices are US$20 per 90 minutes!

The whole thing is way too creepy, and I’m kinda curious to know what happens after someone registers with them, or at least contacts them.

Tell me if you find this normal


jaraad said...

This is for sure not normal. It looks like a kind of weird fetish women spanking men thing. Wow, that is new.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - this is an interesting one. Definately not normal! But, it does touch a few nerves. There is here in the West often quite a lack of discipline in things concerning education. I am involved in private sector adult education in two countries (France and Germany) and especially in the case of Germany, things have become so lax that it does have a knock-on effect everywhere else. Physical punishment is certainly not acceptable, but a more hard line approach, even to adults, cannot do any harm.
This, just written on the back of an email I wrote to a corporate client - shape up or ship out. Tutors and educators also have their responsibilty and pride.

Anonymous said...

Great website that deals with this issue: Parents and Teachers Against Violence In Education (

Rand said...

that's what I thought Jaraad

Frank, it's not just in the west, not so many years ago students looked up to teachers and were so respectful of them, now we're seeing things like students assaulting teachers or being disrespectful among other things, it is getting out of control, I don't think physical punishment is an answer to this but definitely, as you said, a more hard line approach in dealing with them should help

PDeverit, thanks for the link

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