Sunday, March 21, 2010

Please Don't... Part II

I would like to know who started this fad of exaggerated makeup! What the hell people? This is UGLY, it’s UGGGGLY, it’s hideous, it’s unattractive, it’s scary, it’s not pretty, it doesn’t make you look any better, it looks like paint, ugly paint.

The false lashes look like as if an insect with a hundred legs crawled up your face and settled there, and oh God when the white glue is showing, it’s like that insect laid eggs there.

What's the difference?

The lipstick looks like it’s about to drip, it’s like some sort of paste, or it’s so glossy that it looks sticky and wet. And whats worse is that the lipliner pencil is used on the face instead of the lips (the whole thing should tossed out if you want my opinion).

You also don’t have to use the whole bottle of foundation, or powder, you look like a sponge cake.

I’d like to know that if we ever say hello and kiss on the cheek (even if it’s in the air) that your makeup won’t come off or get smudged, I would also like to not be able to smell your makeup! Yes I can smell it, I’m sure that’s not your perfume, and it’s not your shampoo either, nope, that’s the smell of your cakey foundation, 1 kilogram of pure face paste painted with a brush.

Also, I don’t want strands of my hair glued to your lips if the wind blows (or not), I don’t care if your lip gloss tastes like zucchini or strawberry.

And please, puh-leaaaase, don’t ever, ever, ever cover acne with layers and layers of makeup, without it, it’s just a zit, and when you layer it on, it becomes like another small face is growing out of yours.

And what is up with the concealer that’s 5 shades lighter? That just makes you look like you were out in the sun all day long and got your cheeks sun burnt.

And the rainbow eye shadow?

You need to learn from the pros

I'd like to hear what the guys have to say about it. Maybe if we have enough votes we could get the governments to ban this :S


Dee said...

GOD!!! :O sho had! mo5eef! w bigal3e6!

Roba said...

LOL, hilarious.
I don't understand our obsession with excessive make-up either. It's like a formula that doesnt make sense:
More Paint=Prettiness
love the images you picked :)

Ola said...

فاهمين الموضوع غلط... أفلام رعب

شكلهم رايحين يعملوا كاستينغ لفيلم باتمان الجديد (دور الجوكر)

Whisper said...

We "Arabs" have to over react and exaggerate in every thing in our life, and makeup is one of them..

Some thing else....
I can't understand the one eye browse thing, it suppose to be 2 ya 3alam :$

It is scary ... :$

HaninSh said...

This is exactly confirm the following statement: ''Ma belba2elna eshy'' lol, I don't know what is it with these women obsessed with going to the extreme thinking the more the merrier or in this case the prettier, this is just sick, and reflects the fact that they have ZERO inner beauty which explains their continuous exerted effort trying to ''cover up'' what I call: Inner uglines! :)

Rand said...

Dee, no it's very pretty :P

Roba, next time u go out pick ur fave look and go 4 it, it would look gorgeous on u I'm sure :)

Ola, hahaha, la la, this is art :) lessa fi ashya2 zay el joker bs el post sar tweel kteer

Whisper, apparently the "unibrow" is popular in Gulf countries!

HaninSh, welcome to my blog, ur right sometimes 3n jad ma belba2elna eshi :( i think its about having very low self esteem, someday i'll talk about plastic surgery but now let's keep it light :)

Bardees said...

this is so funny Rand, well done :D
I loved the one with "I can smell your makeup"

Rand said...

Thanx Dosa :)

Anonymous said...


Rand said...

joycified, LOL! i almost didn't read ur comment cuz i thought they're just random letters that got there by mistake :) good luck fixing that!
and thanx :)

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