Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back Then...

Do you remember the days, when people used to be equal? When the difference between the rich and the poor was no more than a piece of land, when we all ate the same bread, drank the same water, wore the same clothes and played the same games?

Back when stones were something we played with, not something people use to break the windshield of a car that they will never be able to afford, or shed the blood of a stranger in the street?

Back when finding that little plastic soldier in a bag of corn snacks would make our day? 


When we would wait for the weekend to come to get our “Majallet Majed” and be able to find “Fodooli” hiding between the drawings?

When games had no wires, and tree leaves and mud would make a “Bait-Byout” game so alive?

Back when the mornings of El-Eid will be filled with the smell of baked Ma3mool, and when we wouldn’t sleep the night before waiting to wear our new outfits?

Do you remember when she:

 used to present the news, instead of having to listen to these:

When commercials were catchy songs, and everyone anxiously waited for the series that came after the 8 o’clock news cast?

Back when Jordan TV and Syria TV were the only channels we watched, and Jordan TV would air children’s shows at four o’clock for a couple of hours on weekdays and at ten a.m. on Thursday and Friday?

When education was education, and teachers were role models, principals were highly respected and we would stand up when they entered the class room? When getting ready for a new semester at school meant shopping for stationary, and notebooks, pencils and erasers were something we looked forward to buying?

When university graduates knew something, and when universities were sacred places?

Do you remember when our blood had no price? And when a bleeding person didn't have to pay 15 JD to get a unit of it? It cost nothing back then, but somehow, it had more value, it was precious, it meant life, and now they're selling it.

p.s. This song reminded me of those days


melicieuse said...

back when Saba7 was still at husband number 3
back when Pamela Anderson was only at her second chest inflation
Back when the Hoff still had hair
back when Arnold Shwartzy was a pseudo German body-builder wannabe Hollywood muscleman star and not an American politician
back when MJ was still somewhat of dark skin and definitely not dead
back when 8 year old girls still had flat shoes, floral dresses and played skipping rope
back when a 5 year old had no idea what was an email

jaraad said...

That was very nostalgic. I miss these days and I miss “Majallet Majed” it was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Makes one think, doesn't it. It's no different here in Europe.

Ruba said...

simply raw3a....

Rand said...

mel, i was keeping it Jordanian here, so no Pam Anderson here, u can use Abeer Eisa as an example :P but the points about 8 year-old girls and 5 year-olds are still valid, good addition :)

jaraad, i think they still sell majallet Majed, i hope they didnt turn it into an online thing! that way u can find Fodooli by using Ctrl+F

Frank, really? traditions are changing everywhere i guess

thanx Ruba :)

Roba said...

Having not grown up in Amman during those "Remember" times, such nostalgic posts are hard for to relate with. But it's interesting :)

Whisper said...

Very nice Rand

Till day me and my brothers used the word "2eb7ath 3an fodooli" in some situations :D

Rand said...

Roba, i think some things will relate to any other Arab country, u grew in Saudi Arabia am I right? akeed they sold majallet Majed there :P

Whisper,thanx for stopping by ;)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I still have the edition of ماجد
where my pic is on :), gr8 mmmries indeEd.

Those were the days,
I wndr wt our chldrn wil ms ! FB & Twitter?? lol

Thx 4 the trip bk in time :)

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