Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank God for: The Mute Button…

Probably the best thing since potatoes, this is the most important button on any remote control unit (or computer).

Sometimes when I’m watching TV, when the commercials come on the sound gets really loud, so the best thing to do then is pressing the mute button. And speaking of commercials, I can’t figure out how they suddenly became so annoying that I can’t even stand them. In the past (here we go with the nostalgia again) we used to be so happy when they came on, and in the days before satellite dishes came to Jordan, I never used the mute button, it was one of those dangerous buttons on the remote that we’d be scared of pressing (like the teletext one which freaked the heck out of us when we accidentally pressed it) heck we used to look forward to the ads on TV, now they’re just lame, annoying, noisy and plain pathetic!

Also, while we’re on the mute button subject, long live pacifiers! They’re like a mute button for babies, I don’t care if they supposedly cause the baby to have crooked teeth in the future, they’re just pure bliss, and I wish parents would start using them for 4-5 year-old children.


Ahmad Hamdan said...

For the second one , i wish they use it on 7 years old, they are the most annoying

Whisper said...

I don't know whats wrong with the voice of movies and series on TV, they all like whispering, and when the stupid commercials series start it is TOO loud :S

soo instead of decreasing the sound and lose the right volume we use mute too :D

About the pacifiers, I used to hate it and I don't encourage mothers to use it till my niece came WOW.... I really love who invent it :D

Rand said...

:) 7 year-olds ask a whole lotta questions, I still prefer them to 4-5 year-olds tho

Whisper I'm tellin ya it's a gr8 invention, 3abqari eli ekhtara3hom

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