Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Know When... Part 2

You know when you're walking or running and your pinkie toe hits the edge of a table, bed, door… etc.? That's gotta be the most painful thing your foot goes through :( and I really have no idea why it hurts so much! The other toes bump into stuff all the time but they never hurt as much.

Also, you know when you're wearing a new shoe and the pinkie toe gets all red or gets a disgusting blister that hurts so bad?

I hate that.

p.s. I love this scene of Seinfeld


Whisper said...

I know :)

Last year I broke my pinkie toe by hitting the edge of the door, because I usually do that I didn't figure out that it's broken till the next day when it totally turns to purple :$

It hurts sooooo much :(

BTW I LOVE Seinfeld :D

Rand said...

Ouch, that must have hurt like hell! hamdella 3al salameh :)

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