Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank God For... Potatoes

Since I'm in a really good mood -el 7amdellah- and being in my appreciate-all-the-good-things state of mind, which has been hitting me for an entire year now :) I've decided to start a new series of posts which I'll call: Thank God For…

Every now and then I'm dedicating a post to one of the things that make my life a dolce vita, today's episode is all about potatoes :)
Yep, potatoes. A lot of the people I know take them for granted; they just order them with their meals as a side dish :( ignore them lots of times and never think of them as an important part of their diet, well they are.

Whether they're French Fries:

Curly Fries:

Potato Wedges:

Potato Chips:


Baked with their skins:

Loaded then baked:

Or even Sweet Potatoes!

And for all the nerds out there this is the potato plant flower:

How do you like your potatoes?


Ayah said...

7ram 3leki ana mayteh jou3 w mflseh :(

Rand said...

Luckily, Potatoes are very cheap :) which is something I forgot to point out :D

Whisper said...

For me, all mentioned above :D

I appreciate Potatoes :D

Anonymous said...

gratin dauphinois

melicieuse said...

ill go for the gratin too

Enas said...

yummmmmmmmmmi yummmi kolo zaaaakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii w b7eboh ma 3ada al potatoe chips,w 7assoun bemout fi alpatataaaa w katchup :)

Sharif.H said...

oh my god !!
best post ever !!
I'am a longterm affair with potatoes...even I have it on my Blog's Name !!

Rand said...

buon' appetito everyone :)

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