Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Ugly Duckling Goes to the Movies

Well not exactly. I’m not the kind of girl you’d find at the movie theatres every time a new movie is released, and I’ve never been a movie fan. However, I do get hooked on TV series of some sorts, well as long as they have a cynical sarcastic kind of mean character, you know the type.
What bugs me most in TV shows or movies, is that over the years there seems to have developed a template to be used for certain scenes, almost every show on TV or in theatres seems to have the cliché scenes I’m listing below, and it’s getting old.

1.     The woman-in-labor scene: lying in the delivery room at the hospital, a pregnant woman is giving birth to what most likely is her first baby, family sitting beside her telling her to breath, and while she’s in so much pain, a) she asks for the drugs and b) she grabs her husband’s hand and squeezes it as hard as she can, he’s suffering but not screaming, and the doctor says she’s 8cm dilated so she needs to push. I hate this scene, it makes me really awkward when males are around especially my little brother, it's very noisy with all the screaming going on, and mostly it's horrific! Women who've been there wouldn't like to be reminded of the experience and those who haven't are already scared to death! I'm telling ya Hollywood, do it the Arab way and get the husband to walk back and forth outside the hospital room and then get the baby to cry and the nurse to come out saying mabrook. Don’t do that I was kidding. But enough of those scenes please.

2.     The once-friends-now-lovers chase: the usual he loves her but she doesn’t think of him that way or she loves him but he doesn’t think of her that way situation, they're best friends, they hang out, they have fun, then one day they're messing around and playing and whatnot, she does something "cheeky" he tries to catch her and when he finally does, they're laughing, he looks into her eyes then kisses her, now the door to TV show plots is wide open thank you very much.

3.     The post-breakup scene: after what's his face breaks up with her, she's at home devastated and she reaches for the fridge to grab like a gallon of ice cream, then her roommate remembers she's miserable too, so she gets a spoon and digs in. Stop making fun of girls cause they love their calories, it's boring :(

4.     The car crash scene: of course after what's his face leaves that ice cream chick, he gets into his car, he's very upset, then a light flashes into his eyes which would mean that another car hits his, a blackout, and finally the ambulance going weee weee weee weee.

5.     The bomb scene: of course the bomb is about to explode, and time is running out, they show you that it's at exactly 00:01 seconds that the good guy disables it by cutting the blue wire without knowing whether or not it's the right wire to cut, he's just lucky that way.

6.     The car chase scene: which never seems to do the involved cars any damage but always hits the first car on the traffic light and sweeps it diagonally! Isn't it bad enough that the poor guy is held captive by the traffic light which won't be going green any time soon?

7.     The meet the parents scene: of course when he or she goes to meet the significant other's parents, all of a sudden he or she is a complete clutz! They spill their drinks, step on the cat's tail and might even start a fire.

There are just few out of dozens of those scenes (if you can tell me how many times I used the word scene in this post I'll give you a free pass behind the scenes of a Jordanian show filming. Not) the point is, they're always there, and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, so I'll stick to watching Seinfeld.


Anonymous said...

you are forgetting:
- the she thinks he is cheating scene, she finds a jewlery/flower/clothes/hotel reciept in his pocket while he is under the shower her eyes open wide....she hides the paper in her pocket to investigate further. hubby is out of shower she pretends all is fine and gives him a wide smile
- the she finds out he is cheating scene, she catches him red handed kissing another woman (could be in the mall, restaurant, work...etc as long as it is that she finds him by coincidence. after which the icecream scene comes)
- the missing child scene, police all over the house, a stern/grey looking police officer is asking irrelevant questions to worried/crying parents who are sitting on the sofa

Anonymous said...

Great Post

Whisper said...

LOOOL sooo true

As if they r out of ideas, its not nice to predict the next scene :S

In number 3 - u remind me with Bridget Jones, beside the ice cream she brought a big bag of potato chips, till now I'm searching for a bag with that size :D

Rand said...

mel, very true :) valuable contribution

By Advisor, thanx a lot :)

Whisper, :) get a whole bunch of the largest size available, w jeebi shwaal rozz w fargheehom feeh :) that is the only way I can help u with that :)

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