Monday, February 1, 2010

14 Types of Facebook Friends- Which One Are You?

Some people have different personalities when interacting with others online than in person, I categorize my Facebook friends according to what type of character they have when they’re logged in, real-life personalities aside, from what I hear, most people have the same types of friends on their lists:

1. The ever-changing-status friend: this person changes their status like a zillion times a day, up to the point where no one comments on them anymore.

2. The-song-video-posting friend: all this person does on Facebook is post songs from YouTube on their page.

3. The mystery status friend: this friend keeps posting vague statuses waiting for people to comment and ask about them, mostly, one or two people will ask and they get an “I don’t wanna say it on Facebook” reply!

4. The countdown friend: a variety of the mystery status friend, this one keeps counting down and waits for people to ask what the countdown is for.

5. The ♥ friend (female only): this girl inserts the heart into every sentence she writes, and all her comments go like “7abeeeeeeeeeeeebtiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mmmmmwah”.

6. The photo-tagging friend: dreaded by most, this person tags you in the most meaningless photos and when you log in you find 79 notifications from people commenting on a “photo of you”.

7. The Farmville-posting friend: this one only ever posts lost animals and Farmville related stuff.

8. The invisible friend: this one logs in and out without doing anything, they’re mostly stalking someone and only care about posts by that someone.

9. The photo album mom: this is a mother that posts pictures of her baby whenever he blinks, it’d be enough to just look at the album cover because what’s inside won’t be anything different (unless you really care about that baby).

10. The Quotes and songs status friend: well this one is obvious.

11. The looking-for-sympathy friend: Always, always complains about how horrible their life is, and how they wish to die. Extreme nakad.

12. The friend-request-accepting friend: this one logs in, accepts all friend requests and logs out, all you see about them is “Rafeeq Al Sadeeq is now friends with Saleh Al Faleh and 30 others”.

13. The football guy: these guys only appear when their favorite team has an important upcoming game or has just won a title, they’re nowhere to be found after a defeat and mostly they’re Barcelona or Real Madrid fans, they also tend to change their profile picture to the team logo for a short while.

14. The Fan: this friend fills your homepage with news about them becoming fans of the most irrelevant things, they become fans of words, sentences or even complete conversations. “ErFan became a fan of becoming a fan of totally meaningless things”.

For me I’m most of these and some more combined into one, so I can’t blame anyone :)

Does everyone have these types of friends? Or is it just me?


Diana said...

im numbers 1 & 2 but mostly 10 :)
very nice and well written post:)

Rand said...

merci Diana :)

Anonymous said...

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy niceee Rand..I am # 10 :)

Roba said...

I am the ever changing status friend for sure! :)
Or... the obsessive "Like" button user.

Long live the "Like" button!

Rand said...

Anonymous, thanx a lot :)

Roba, Damn I knew I forgot something :) of course, the Liker, speaking of the "like" button, it's about time they introduce the "dislike" button, I'm seeing "Likes" on statuses such as "I feel horrible" "I'm so lonely I want to die" and so on :)

Hareega said...

haha this is funny

Rand said...

thanx, and welcome to my humble blog :)

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