Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Men are Horrible at Multitasking. Period.

It's just how they are, some people will say it's a myth, others will say it's what scientific research says and men will argue that it's not that they're no good at multitasking, they just do the job more efficiently when they're focused on one thing.


When you're talking to a man on the phone, you can actually tell that he's doing something else and not paying attention to you at all, he speaks slower, and you have to repeat yourself a thousand times before your three word- sentence sinks in.
Similarly at the office, try asking a colleague for something while he's typing away on his computer, you might, in fact, stand there talking for fifteen minutes before he slowly turns his head towards you and goes "you need what?"… Then what on earth did you mean when you said ok?
I once had the following conversation with a guy at work, let's call him 'Jerk'* he was also working on his computer:

-   Hey we need to do that "task" we talked about.
-   Uh huh.
-   So listen, you take this part, I'll take this one, I'll call 'Flan'* too, but you need to talk to 'Guy'*, then you'll give me your part, I can do it by Wonday* but I need to get them all together, and blah blah blah.
-   Ok.
-   Ok deal, but don't forget to call Guy.

10 minutes of complete silence

Then Jerk goes "aaaaaaaaaaaiih???"
-   Shw aih?
-   Shw kunti te7ki?
-   Mata?
-   Halla2 abl shwai…
-   Sarli 10 da2aye2 sakteh.
-   La2 golti eshi 3n enno a7ki m3 'Guy'
-   ........

But still, men are actually better at other things than girls. You do not ask a girl (or my dad but that's not our subject) for directions, never, no matter how many times she goes to the same place, she'll never describe it the way you want, if you ask a girl where, say a certain restaurant, is located, she will tell you something like "it's near that bakery from which we bought Guy's birthday cake". Try asking a guy where the same restaurant is, what he says will be more like "dallak doghriiiiiiiiiiii, doghri doghri doghriiiiiiii, then go left, then another left, then right… etc", because girls tend to relate things to personal memories or feelings more than guys.
El mohem both sides have certain things that they're good at :)

Finally I'd like to point out that these are not actual facts, they're just my observations.

* For future reference, Jerk is a guy at work, he might come up every now and then.
Flan and Guy are some random people at work, and I'd like to wish Guy a very happy birthday since we mentioned him in the birthday cake example.
Wonday is my imaginary day, all work gets done that day and we leave early :)


Anonymous said...

totally agree,bs hada al 7akii sar mowathaq 3elmyan ana qara2et research inoh al mar2ah can do multitasks @the same time l2enoh fi dma'3ha aktar mn masar ltalqii al ma3loumat w irsalha bs a; rajol bs masar wa7ad :))))))
bs 3anjad ranoush kteer 7elw ur blog :)

Ruba ahmad said...

ya3ni ya Rand no better timing to publish this topic....100% true w ana daily ba3anni min hal 2osa at work :S My "jerk" (as am gonna call him) bikoon 3al computer w ana ba7ki... ba7ki...ba7ki... w hwa bihiz b rasu bas a5alis blif wijhu 3alay w b2ooli "3afwan??"!!!!!!! bas elyoum ma 2sart fi ;) fasheeeeeeet 3'olli

Rand said...

:) shekelkom bet3aanw kteer men el mawdou3 entw el tentain :):)
thanx Annous :* (by the way u can write ur name by picking Name\URL instead of anonymous when u post :))

Ruba bs ma tkoun fashet el gholl triggered by my post :) ma bedna ne3mal mashakel huh :P

Genki Dama said...

LOL! Reminds me of something like this, anyways, girls are good at multi tasking provided that one of the tasks is talking!

Yousif said...

May everyday be a wonday to you!

Ayah said...

w ana kman bdy Wonday !!
ana 3ndi el7aleh m3kouseh ana mesh multitasking @ all WHY??!! ma bdi
2oredo 7alan?

Rand said...

Genki :) I'm gonna be a good sport and say ok :) because I can't argue with that. but we can do just as well when we have no one to talk to

Thanx Yousif today was in fact a Wonday :) a Wonday followed by a weekend is a treasure *sigh*

Ayah enti b task wa7ad w yaaaa doab :P sorry I couldn't help it

Ayah said...

mesh 3al wall ya rand mesh 3l wall :(

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