Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Warm Side of Snow.

Everybody’s posting about snow :) my e-mail inbox is filled with pictures of snow men, it’s quite cool, but looking at the photos gives me goose bumps and makes me feel like I’m freezing when I’m actually not :)

I want to post about the weather too, but I’m doing it in another way.
Here are some treats to warm your day. Enjoy!

This is my favourite thing to do on a rainy morning, unfortunately I didn't get to do it this morning :(

Chocolate is the ultimate warming dessert :) solid or liquid

Or you can have a steamy cup of coffee :)

or tea :)

or a nice hot bowl of soup

Of course I didn't forget those who prefer eastern flavors :)

Did that make you feel warmer?
What do you like to do when it's cold outside?


Diana said...

warmer for sure as well as hungry lol
i like to read and listen to music while drinking sth really really hot :) and enjoy observing the weather from time to time :)

Whisper said...

LOOOL bsara7a yeah it did then I remembered that I'm at work, it's cold here and it's snowing out I feel like crying :"(
till I reached the last tow pictures, el7amdolellah I don't like both of them, faa I returned back to normal depressed mood :D

For me snow means is sitting with the family ,popcorn and hotchocolate :D

Rula A. said...

Sadly I am stuck at work :/ for unknown reason my manager refused to give us the rest of the day off!!
I loved the chocolate pudding cake YUMMY,, Have a great weekend :)

Rand said...

Diana, I also like to look out the window kol shwai :) even when it's only rain.

Whisper, :( don't be deressed, hada khair el 7amdolellah. Spring will be so nice inshAllah and maybe this summer el muy ma ten2ate3 kteer 3n el nas like last year :( I forgot the popcorn :)

Rula, my director gave us half of the day off :) but on the way back home it was very scary, and as I was running towards the door i hit my head on a huge iron shaft and it hurt like hell :) so ya rait ma rawwa7et :) u 2 have a warm weekend ;)

Ayah said...

i was waiting for ur post all day long i knew it gonna b sth about the weather
i dont like rainy dayz that much i stayed @ my bed the whole time, made hot chocolate and thats it!
cant beleive i hav 2 go towork tomorrow
btw am ur biggest fan :P

Rand said...

Ayoush dayman 3ax el denya, how many times have i told u, no flirting with me in public :P ;)
thnx 4 the comment I know u wrote it cuz ur probably craving brownies w biddek anadeeki lamma a3mal :)

Ayah said...

damn is it that obvious?

Farah said...

*stares at cupcake photo*

you are evil.

pure evil.

Rand said...

Haha Farah yeah I tend to be like that often ;) but i've been craving them ever since I posted to photos and haven't got the chance to go and buy some :( I think I'll make some at home :) tfaddali

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