Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Know When...

You know when you keep finding yourself in a situation, and when you mention it to someone they go "oh my God that happens to me too"?
There are hundreds of those things, I’ll talk about them when they pass me by in the future.

Anyway, what got me thinking about this is the fact that today is Wednesday :( you know when it's Wednesday and all day long you're thinking it's Thursday and mentally preparing yourself for the weekend? I hate it, every Thursday when I'm at work, I keep looking out the window of my office and checking out the weather, it's more like a habit, even if I'm not going anywhere after work, I want the weather to be good during the weekend, Thursday has that smell in the air, I can almost see butterflies dancing around, and today smelled like Thursday :( but after all the good news is that tomorrow is Thursday and I can look out the window as much as I want.

There's another one, it's so irrelevant but I'll just say it. You know when you're talking to someone who has a little something on their face or maybe between their teeth, and you keep staring at it but you're not really aware you're looking at it? It happens to me a lot, the whole time that person is talking I'm just staring at that eyelash under their eye that is about to either fall or get into their eye, and I'm worrying about it without actually knowing it, then all of a sudden I notice that and go "would you just remove that!? It's killing me!".

Does that happen to you?


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha that picture made me laugh so much I remember the story of that silly girl with the million stars on her face

Rand said...

so would be able to carry a conversation with her? i'd keep staring at those little stars and never pay attention to a word she would say :\

Whisper said...

Usually Thursday is my favorite day at work even if I have a lot of work that day.
Faaa when I think it's Thursday and I find out its not at first I'll be very upset but after a while I find out that I lived 2 happy days during that week :D

kinzi said...

Rand, habeebti, you need to go work for a magazine. You are hilarious. You need to get paid for this. I would pay to read your column.

I hope your boring job isn't at a magazine already. ;)

Rand said...

Whisper, that is another way to look at it, i'll try that, but nothing can beat the disappointment.

kinzi, wow thanks! that is the biggest compliment i have ever received :) I'm printing that and hanging it on my wall :) and no i don't work in a magazine, u can read about where i work here :(

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