Saturday, February 27, 2010

Take a Minute

An earthquake of magnitude 8.8 has struck Chile earlier today. There's not much you can say in situations like these, except that it makes all the big things seem so small when you compare. 
Take a couple of minutes to watch this, then think about the small differences, the fights, the arguments, the times you thought your life was bad, the people you upset, the friends you lost over the stupidest problems, and the people you care about that have no clue that you do. Is everything really worth it? When the ground is shaking so hard beneath you, would you still feel angry, upset, hurt, jealous, would you still hold grudges? Then why do you now?



Whisper said...

It's some thing should stop us to think, a minute and a half ended somebody's life, and changed other people lives for ever

God help them all during these crises

Anonymous said...

very creepy, Japan then Chile not not too far apart time wise. and really not long after Haiti......alla yistor

Rand said...

yep, makes you think doesn't it? Ya Rab 7osn el khaatemeh

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