Sunday, February 14, 2010

Annoying Girly Habits

Sometimes I wonder what guys must be thinking when they're dealing with us girls, as a girl I sometimes wish I were a guy when I get so frustrated with the way some girls think, but then I think "if I'm having a hard time dealing with my own species, guys must be suffering from this" :(
Before females get all fired up at me, you will know what I mean when you read my points, and before guys start raising their victory signs, don't be so excited, you're up next, in the sequel.

In the 24 and a bit years of my life, these are the things that still get on my nerves whenever a girl does them, and in the years to come, I know they will still annoy me:

1.   The girls that blame everything bad that happens to them on envy: ok, so Al-Hasad is mentioned in the Holy Quraan, although nothing good or bad can happen to you without the will of God. But, come on! Not everything that happens is caused by people looking at you! No your bracelet did not fall because that girl said it's lovely! It was simply loose… No you are not sick because when you went to the wedding last night there were women looking at you! This is called a virus and it tends to do that when it's inside your body. And your wedding will definitely not get postponed or cancelled if you told me about it too soon! Neither will it go disastrously bad if someone asked you how you managed to get a reservation on that date!

2.   The girls that misinterpret chivalry as a crush: so you have a flat tire and you're standing outside the building where you work and that guy stops to help. The next morning rumors are going around the office that he's head-over-heels in love with you, do not complain about the death of chivalry if you're gonna do that, a guy who is changing your tire is not the same as the guy who is flirting with you.

3.   The girls that believe jealousy is the only reason behind their problems with friends: When a friend of yours stops talking to you, or when she's mad at you, there's a reason other than "she's just jealous" behind it, it's true, chicks are professionals when it comes to jealousy, but that doesn't mean it's behind every issue you have with another girl, there might actually be a real reason.

4.   So a normal looking girl is walking with a good looking guy and they seem happy, get over it, it's not like she stole your man, now get back to what you were doing before you gave her that death stare.

5.   You're at the wedding of a relative that is a couple of years younger than you but got married before you. Yes, this can happen, no, it doesn't mean she seduced the guy, now stuff that booz back in your face, it's blocking the view.

6.   The girls that take everything you say too personally, too literally: I asked if you were ok, I didn't suggest you look ugly today, and I said I like her hair, I didn't say anything bad about yours, also, stop complaining about something if you're gonna think I'm patronizing you by giving you advice.

7.   The "my husband is perfect and he's treating me like a queen" girls: I don't entirely believe you, and you're not making me jealous, I'm in fact happy for you, but now I'd like you to meet girl #1, she has some advice for you.

8.    Girls who wear these:

Sorry but white pointy-toed boots make me want to trip the girl, I just had to include them.


Ruba said...

I like this one ya Rand :) i do not agree on all that's mentioned though like no. 7 for example.... i have NEVER i mean literally NEVER met a married girl that said "my husband is treating me like a queen!!!" they are ALL like "my husband is treating me like crap" "my husband doesn't understand"..."men are selfish" and the list goes on....:S i don't know why they do that though may be 5ayfeen min el 7asad :S which i guess emphasizes point no. one,,,, after all,all girls have some issues :S hake rabbna 5ali2na

enas said...

:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 3anjad ranoush mawadee3ik betjanen,bs fiiiiiii 7asad,btetzakarii alli mara 7asdatna inna bnlaaa2i al sho3ab ille bedna iyahaaaa lal tasjeeel w mn yomha sakarat fi wajehnaaaaaa :)

melicieuse said...

I'll add these to my list:
- the oh my god this restaurant doesn't have anything I can eat with my super diet
- the oh my god I forgot to wear my mascara I must go back home or buy a tube in the first shop girls
- the hhhmmmm this dress looks amazing on you, shame you don't know how to perfectly wear it

Whisper said...


I agree with u in most of the points specially number 8 ufffft I hate it :$

Rand said...

Ruba,embala fee menhom hadol, "ana jozi wala fee menno bel denya" shoghol kezeb tab3an :)

Annoooos :) thanx, ah ana ma olt enno ma fi 7asad, bs mesh kolshi kolshi kolshi sababo el 7asad, right?
wallah sakkarat wala 3adat fat7at

melicieuse, I had no idea the third type existed! that's news to me, about the super diet, it's more like "ohhhhh I'm sooo craving that cake, I need to have it *drool* but i can't *sob sob* *sniff sniff* then BAM! the cake is gone :)

Whisper, thank u! wa akheeran 7ada 3abbarni 3ala hai el point :))

Bardees said...

that's one of the funniest posts I read in a while Rand!! so TRUE!
especially the girls who think it's all about jealousy and 7asad heheh

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