Monday, February 8, 2010

Please Don't Go...


According to, Valencia star David Villa insisted he is happy at the club and not looking beyond the end of the season, El Guaje, as they call him, said he is committed to achieving Valencia’s goal in qualifying for the Champions’ League.

That’s just the kind of news that scares me :( I’m a huge Valencia fan; yeah Spanish football fans in Jordan are divided into three categories; Barcelona fans, Real Madrid fans, and yours truly, possibly the only Valencia fan out there, well let’s not exaggerate, there are probably another two or three :(

Back to the original point, usually (from my point of view) when a player postpones his answer to rumors about a transfer it’s usually true, I hope not though, he did say that his contract doesn’t end in 4 years, but that’s never an issue.

I hope I’m just being my pessimistic self :’(

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lulu said...

I am a Hamburg fan now

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