Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please Don't...

The other day I was going down the escalator at the mall, and this woman in front of me was wearing, I don't know whether or not it's right to call it a Hijab! El mohem it was a scarf wrapped around her head then all the way to the opposite side, up, down, twisted and twirled, braided and pinned. I can’t even begin to think of the time it took her to wear that whatever, there were about 100 pins in it; I swear if I had a magnet in my purse she would have been pulled towards me.

What is that? It’s not beautiful! Definitely not elegant, and not at all artistic (as I bet she thinks).

Religious views aside, it’s the decade’s most widespread fashion faux pas, it just makes my eyes really sore :(

Seriously, please don’t.

The ones at the bottom look like shower caps, I'm not even sure they're not.

And I'll leave the comment on this one to your imagination.

I even think I prefer this to them:
It could become a hit with governmental organizations' employees :) sorry I couldn't help it :P


kinzi said...

And what is up with the cone-head look?

Rand said...

that needs a separate post :) one day I saw this girl and she had like a tent on her head she couldn't even move, it's like she took everything in her room and stuffed it under the scarf, it was so big u could almost find her little brother inside :) so huge

Roba said...

I know, it's freaky how they do that! I thought hijab was meant to attract less attention, and these scarve thingies attract more attention than a very nice hair-do.
If you want to look good and attract attention, I say keep the hijab till when you're more ready.

Rand said...

Hijab's main purpose is attracting less attention, but still, a girl can wear a nice scarf and look good but modest, I don't get why they have to plant a whole garden on their heads, it's very similar to having one of those complicated hairdos. and it just shows that they're not ready to give up the attention thing yet.

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