Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Celebration of the Weekend

In celebration of the (almost over) weekend, I'm doing a weekend themed post, and what better characterizes Friday and Saturday in Jordan than... yep you've guessed it, Jareedet Al Waseet :) about a hundred pages full of 3ahat and meaningless offers, I was once looking for a car in the classifieds and there was this ad that said "سيارة مطور افرهول" what they're actually trying to say is "motor", it's fascinating how car parts' names change drastically in Al-Wehdat.

El mohem, I gathered the ads that I found interesting and here are my favourites:

Starting to see a pattern here? 
Ok, here are the ones that made my day :D

Read what's in the top left corner "khedmeh zay el loaz" something to be proud of:

Can you at least put a picture of a girl wearing winter clothes? After all it's what the ad is about!

Next, what I can't understand is why they're asking for confidentiality :S can anyone enlighten me?

This store is located both on the 7th and 8th circles, ya3ni howweh 3al sabe3, bs wara Zain el tamen:

This one just speaks for itself: hamm haamm haaammm

There is a big LA to the right side

Read the little poem inside the box


These don't quite get the expression "khedmet el tawseel".

Caesar Salattt:

And last but not least, a hair salon ad, if they're gonna make me look like that then I'd better book my appointment NOW, some people's idea of beauty is very distorted.

These are just a few ones that I picked from a couple of issues, there are tons more every week, some even worse but in the mean time enjoy these :)


enas said...

ta7sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh ranoush walah inek nahfeh :) 3njad kol ma baqrq2 i3lanathom b7ashesh :)

Anonymous said...

oh, how i wish i could read arabic. it looked like a good post! i just posted a similar topic.

Rula A. said...

About picture number 11;
This store is located both on the 7th and 8th circles..
أنا ساكنه بهديك المنطقة و بعرف المحل.. هوه محل تصفية.. و فعلياً احنا منطقتنا هيك جاي موقعها.. بين الدوار السابع والثامن.. إلي همة أصلاً مافي هديك المسافه إلي بينهم.. فما تستغربي الوصف!

Rand said...

Annoos, yea w ana kaman fi ashya2 to7af bas mama kabbeh el 2daam fa ma la2ait ella hadol

Joycefied, the picture in ur post belongs here, maybe one day I'll do a post on those signs, there are hundreds, especially when u visit cities like Irbed every now and then like I do :)

Rula, thanx for the info I did not know that, masheeelna eyyaha hal marra bas :)

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