Friday, February 5, 2010

On Guys Wearing Pink.

More people are becoming OK with guys wearing pink nowadays, I think it's fine,  if you do it right, and in my opinion a guy who incorporates pink in his outfit seems to be more confident than one who thinks it's a no-no, still, a lot of people will tell you that pink is only for girls and little princesses or cotton candy :)
Anyways, here are some DOs and then some DON'Ts 

I don't think this looks girly, it just adds some sort of softness to the suit
I don't mind this either

It looks nice with brown

However, I do mind these:
this one just reminds me of Revanin Syrup and how I used to love it when I was a kid.

Also, this guy looks like salmon, 

Oh and I don't know where to start on this one, it should be some sort of gift wrapping or whatever

And this is just plain ugly, I can't believe he let them take a photo of him dressed like that
What do you think? guys and girls.


jaraad said...

I like wearing bright colors so I don't mind wearing pink shirt or pink polo shirt but not pink pants. My pink polo shirt is my favorite. I like to wear it specially in summer.

Rand said...

pink pants are definitely out of the question :) no matter what

Shaheen said...

pink with black and Gray is ok

thanks for the photos ..nice ideas.
will be taken into consideration

Rand said...

u'r welcome Shaheen and thanx 4 visiting me blog

Roba said...

I love a man man enough to wear pink!!

Enas M said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3 bi sara7a ana ma b7eb al shab yelbas pink sho ma kan .tetzakari bil jam3ah tel3at modet al pink la2 w al blozeh bekoun 3laih strass kaman mn wara ,y3niii hoo w o'7toh betbadalw al blozeh :)))))))))))) i dnt know this is my opinion

Rand said...

Roba, I think it shows they're confident of their masculinity right?

Annoos, I think fi ashya2 reasonable, like the pictures above, a pink tie is lovely sometimes, strass and bling is a BIG NO-NO!!!!

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