Monday, February 15, 2010

Swear it Again

اقسم بالله العظيم أني سوف أقرأ هذا الـبوست للنهاية وأرسله لكل المضافين عندي

Just kidding.

Since most of my posts so far have been takhweet, let’s talk about something serious this time. I have a thing or two to say about those “religion” e-mails that never seem to stop flooding my inbox.

First of all, 99% of them are made up. Not everything that’s written after “La Elaha Ella Allah” is true, if you do check every Hadeeth in those e-mails, you will find most of them are موضوعة أو مكذوبة some people go through a lot of trouble making up stories, miracles, and things like that, and whether their purpose is to mock Muslims or to invite other people to Islam (which would be very stupid done in that way) the end result is the same, a ton of messages telling you that you will go to hell if you do not forward, or a Hasanaat counter (which is the lamest invention since Arabic Video Clips). Let’s assume this counter is how things work, in this case, I’ll go out hurting people for fun, stealing, lying, cheating, killing and destroying the whole town, then I’d take a couple of minutes of my time, and erase all that by sending one e-mail to a thousand people. Right?


The other thing, that “oath” they let you read at the beginning of some e-mails (like the one I made you read :P), I wonder what kind of idiot came up with that idea, whoever they are, what they’re basically saying is that if you read it then you are in that case obliged to do it, I really don’t think reading something that was written by someone else makes you like the one who wrote it, case in mind, if you read the Quraan, you will find dozens of sentences and phrases from atheists or polytheists, in stories about those people, does reading those phrases make you an atheist? No? So why would reading that qasam mean you must do it?

Don’t stop reading now, انت حلفت ولازم تكمل :)

If Muslims really want to get more Hasanat, maybe they could start with the way they’re dealing with each other, why do you get all religious when you see those e-mails, but not when you have to deal with another human being? Does forwarding an e-mail make it ok for you to take something that is clearly not yours? Will it erase the nasty words you just said about another person? Can it undo lying or cheating? Most certainly not, but why can’t we start with those things, instead of looking at things that won’t do us any good (that is if they don’t do us bad) I’d really love to see something like driving in the streets of Amman controlled by Islamic ethics, no swearing, no name calling, no harassing others, impossible isn’t it?

But, if after all you are still worried not forwarding will get you in trouble Yom El Qeyameh, you have to know that it’s the contrary, as our Prophet Salla Allaho 3alayh wa sallam, warned us from passing on those lies, you will be making a sin spreading all those made up stories and Ahadeeth, so in case you still want to promote virtues, pass on the real stuff, then people will see that Islam is not about those details, it’s about what’s inside your heart, and how you take it out.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a big meeting coming up, so I need to go steal some sucker’s work and present it as mine :) I still have some Hasanat left in my counter from forwarding my last e-mail.


nakhaleh said...

7abeit el 'Qasamm' at the beginning lamasnii actualy ;).. so i swear to leave a comment .. Good job

Rand said...

thanx a lot :)

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